The Body Types That Women Prefer and Why

The Body Types That Women Prefer and Why

This has been a long aged question that has caused a world war in the gym culture. What type of body do women prefer. In order for me to find out the truth, I had to go in open minded about the topic. I found these results through my own experiences and tests to find out which body type girls prefer and why. DISCLAIMER: My age, for you people wondering, is 17 years old. I went into this search OPEN MINDED, meaning not biased about anything. Let's get into this.

What are the three main body types?

There are three body types to be aware of. They are the Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph body types. Ectomorphs (like myself) are people who are naturally skinny and can lose fat easily. They find it hard to gain weight and muscle, which is why we are nicknamed the "hardgainer". Mesomorphs are people who are naturally muscular in shape. These people find it easy to put on muscle, the ideal body type for lifting. Then there is the Endomorph, these guys find it easy to put on fat and hard to lose fat. It's important to know these so that you know the correct terminology for the body types.

Ectomorph results

This is how I did the research, I compared two different types of Ectomorphs, me and a skinny Justin Bieber.

The Body Types That Women Prefer and Why
The Body Types That Women Prefer and Why
The Body Types That Women Prefer and Why

The top picture is an old picture of young Justin Bieber, and the two other pictures are of me. I showed random girls at another high school these three photos and said "If we have the same physically attractive facial features, who would you want to date based off of bodies?". I gave them the options Justin Bieber, me, or neither. The top response was neither because we were not muscular enough to cuddle with or make their panties wet. The second best result was me, and then Justin Bieber. This is going to sound shallow, and it kind of is, but all of the girls who were more attractive picked the option of neither and the more unattractive girls picked either me or Justin. Also, girls who were more in shape picked neither and girls who were larger in size picked me or Justin. Why is that so? My theory is that larger women like skinnier men because they want to compensate for their size, I know it sounds mean but that is my theory behind it. It goes for fitter and more attractive women too. Girls who are fit tend to want a guy more muscular than them to compensate for their size, and because they want to cuddle with their muscles.

All body type results

For time saving reasons, I decided to put all the body types into one big thing and get some results. At the same high school I compared three guys, me (ectomorph), another guy off of google (mesomorph) and another guy off of google (endomorph) to figure out which guy girls prefer.

The Body Types That Women Prefer and Why
The Body Types That Women Prefer and Why
The Body Types That Women Prefer and Why

The results were a scatter plot. Girls who were more attractive and fit mainly chose the mesomorph body type and a few attractive girls even choose the endomorph body type. Girls who were larger in size and unattractive mainly chose the ectomorph type and the endomorph type. Girls who were fit and unattractive mainly chose all three body types.

In conclusion, the results came out that more attractive and fit girls care for mesomorph and endomorph body types while unattractive fatter girls cared for ectomorph and endomorph body types. Unattractive fit girls chose all three types. I know these demographics are shallow, but it was the best way to compare the results. These are girls in HIGH SCHOOL, so be aware of that. I'm not really sure of these results carry onto college. My prediction is that they do because girls still want some fluff (whether that be muscle or fat, but it is usually muscle) to cuddle with. Feel free to leave comments!

The Body Types That Women Prefer and Why
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Most Helpful Girls

  • lyssabugg35
    Wait you're analyzing what different girls find attractive in guys based on their body type, but then dividing the girls into their type based on your opinion only? (Not like a pear vs apple vs rectangle?)

    This had the potential to be really interesting, had you decided to see if they would be okay measuring bust waist and hips to look at ratio (to determine their body shape, not attractiveness).

    I would recommend surveying again with three base pictures to choose from (give the guys heights as well), and record her height as well. Then you could provide a less biased thesis as to why certain body types are attracted to other body types, the reverse experiment would be interesting as well.

    It's just my opinion everyone's definition of attractive is too varying.
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    • by the way, you're not an ectomorph, you're a me so morph. You aren't super muscular, but you have a clear-cut waste you're not an ectomorph.

    • Mesomorph*

    • Anonymous

      That is a good recommendation that I will try to incorporate the next time I do a survey, however these categories are based upon not only my way of seeing them, but other men's ways too. It's a shallow way of categorizing it but it was the only way I could get my point across.

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  • Anonymous
    I'm a UK size 8-10 (ie. slim, not fat) and I love skinny men/ectomorphs, I always go for them. I always get asked why I fancy skinny men, the truth is I don't know! I'm just drawn to them, they turn my head, they're sexy to me.

    I don't even notice men of other body types, as I don't find them at all attractive.

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Most Helpful Guys

  • Vegeta01
    I am an Endomorph and I wouldn't change my body type for anyone or anything. I build/gain muscle like crazy and I love that. Started a home workout routine last year and gained significant amount of muscle from like 1-2 weeks of training. And us Endormorphs look huge when we bulk up just like that guy in the picture. I wouldn't change it for anything or anyone like I said. Too bad I couldn't keep up the commitment and quit and then started gaining weight like crazy and that's a drawback but oh well, you can't always have benefits and not expect a drawback can you?
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  • Anonymous
    I am a skinny guy that likes fat bigger girls. I don't think they like skinny guys, so your mytake is not true...
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  • Username6
    Hello, I'm a female, 5' 5", 128 lbs (so kinda chubby but not fat) and I really love tall skinny boys or these 'ectomorphs' you speak of. You mentioned attractiveness, I'd say I'm like a 5/10. Your theory is interesting. Here's a theory of my own. I'm bisexual and I think part of the reason I prefer ectomorphs over meso or endomorphs is because those heavy muscles seem intimidating and being skinny kind of lends to a feminine charm which turns me on. Another thing is that I feel like muscular men seem more arrogant and maybe more focused on athletics rather than intellectual pursuits (this is obviously not the case for everyone, it just feels that way sometimes) and in the past most of the class clowns I've had a crush on where the skinny ones. They were able to be the alpha males of the class with their wit and humor versus muscles. Surprisingly my first boyfriend had more of a dad bod than ectomorph bod so personality is the most important attribute for me and most likely any girl or guy out there (hopefully) 😊 have a nice day
  • ShortCircuit
    Although it would seem the most intuitive that women generally preferred mesomorphs, in my (unscientific, anecdotal) experience, women overwhelmingly--almost uniformly--prefer ectomorphs. I wonder why your results are so different...
  • ChiTown33
    I hate these "body types" because i don't fit into any of these categories. I'm tall 6'5" but i'm not skinny yeah i got fairly skinny arms and legs but i got a belly i've had one since jr. high lol it doesn't matter what i do exercise wise i just become a smaller person with a belly lol.
  • Xonix4895
    I’m an Ectomorph, I’m very slim I’m very tall, i can eat massive amounts of food and still gain the slightest amount of weight and I have very little fat and muscle but I am extremely strong and my doctor says that I won’t stop growing in height till I’m 21
  • Ellie-V
    Muscles and abs are gross. What does my opinion say about me?😂
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  • 9teen
    Mesomorph is the most desired by nearly any kind of girl because that looks the most masculine and stronger.
  • j_stanton
    You can tell that the bodybuilder guy has been taking growth hormones. He's low fat (you can see his six-pack), yet his waist is big, and his belly is protruding.
  • Interesting
  • 1828avaava1828
    hmmm interesting
  • Thrifty
    I am a Brad Pitt-morph
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  • The_Revolver
    I'm asexual
  • Anonymous
    Good thing I’m a endomorph I’m athletic strong and smart just I have terrible acne which is a bigggg ole bitch
  • Anonymous
    "Unattractive fatter girls"

    And who are you to dictate what is attractive and what is not?
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    • Janncis

      Amm he can dictate who is attractive for him, as you can say who is attractive for you...
      So question is back to you, who do you think are to dictate what he can say or not say?
      As for expression "Unattractive fatter girls" its quite right one. Fit body is sexy, fat isn't.