The Most Interesting Social Media Influencers (Part 2)


February is the month of "love".

Every week during the month of February, I will update a list of the greatest Social Media Influencers currently on the internet right now.

Keep in mind, these lists are just for fun. I'm not shaming any certain body types, or ostracizing anyone for their looks. All of these influencers want to be advertised.

Let's get the list started

Sophie Hall-31 years old

Instagram Handle: @sophiesselfies224

Tik Tok Handle: @sophiesselfies

Youtube User Names: Sophies Selfies

The Most Interesting Social Media Influencers (Part 2)

Sophie is a mother who is also a fashion model out of Tampa, Florida. She juggles being a single mom, a fitness junkie, and modeling quite well, and I think she deserves some respect. She has states numerous times in news outlets that being a 6'1 curvy woman has not been easy, and when she grew up as a teenager, there were days she was made fun of due to her body type. Sophie has overcame boundaries, and has been a positive influence for tall, and curvy women.

Bria Myles-36 years old

Instagram Handle: @RealBriaMyles

The Most Interesting Social Media Influencers (Part 2)

Bria is a cover model from Los Angeles, California, and has put forth great strides to get where she is. Bria has spoken about her experience as a dark-skinned black woman, and how they aren't generally viewed as "pretty" as other skin tones. Combine that with some serious curves, and a face that seemingly doesn't age, most people could argue she is definitely a beautiful woman. She now helps out in impoverished communities, as well as posing on the cover of King, and other similar magazines.

Courtney Mina-31 years old


The Most Interesting Social Media Influencers (Part 2)

This Canadian Fashion Blogger has an insatiable appetite for life. Standing at 5'11, and weighing nearly 500 pounds, she is an advocate in the Super Size Big Beautiful Woman(SSBBW) Community. On her website, she sells video clips of her gorging out on her favorite foods. When looking at her, it's hard not to see a supersized Britney Spears. According to her boyfriend, she consumes roughly 15,000 kilocalories per day, and seemingly eats constantly, despite the fact she has a kid of her own now. Courtney now lives in Ottawa, Canada with her boyfriend, her kid, and she still blogs about the challenges that morbidly obese women face on a daily basis.

Portia Conway-31 years old

Instagram Handle: @portiaconway

TikTok Handle: @pconway0003

Youtube User Name: Portia Conway

The Most Interesting Social Media Influencers (Part 2)

Portia is an influencer living in Tacoma, Washington, and her story is interesting. Back in 2012, she found a video of herself rear end being filmed by an anonymous person, and uploaded to a mysterious Youtube Account. This motivated Portia to create a Youtube Account, to persuade the user to take the video down. After that, the rest was history. Since then, she has used social media to show off her greatest asset, and become the ultimate influencer in the Instagram World.

Coco Green-26 Years old

Instagram Handle: @ccocogreen

The Most Interesting Social Media Influencers (Part 2)

Coco is a European fashion model, and is a proud Body Positivity advocate. There isn't much else to say about her, but she also runs an page, and is very vocal about worldwide issues when she needs to be.

Lauren Lindvall-24 years old

Instagram Handle: @laurenlindvall

The Most Interesting Social Media Influencers (Part 2)

Lauren is the most unique entry on this list, because she's a former College Softball Player at the University of Oregon. Currently living in Oregon, she is a religious woman who always looks at the positive side of life, and is very close to her family. Lauren's positive influence in softball communities, and the Pacific Northwest is a charm of its own.

The Most Interesting Social Media Influencers (Part 2)
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Most Helpful Guys

  • RolandCuthbert
    The commentary you are getting is kind of confusing to me. I am not into the whole influencer world. It is a natural development because of social media. The average GaGer spends a lot of time on the net. One would think they would know what an influencer is. I would have thought folks here would post agreement or not. Then alternatively posted what they thought would be better examples.

    Is this still revelant?
    • I've been using this website since 2015, and this entire site has had some of the most bizarre, bigoted, closed-minded, and idiotic people I've ever came across.

      People talk about Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, but GAG takes the cake.

    • haha! Yeah, in that whole bizarre bigoted, closed-mindness, GaG is one of a kind.

      But then it isn't like they have much to risk.

  • hellacray
    Gee I wonder why all the influencers you listed are female.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Because a vast majority of Social Media Influencers are female, that's why.

    • hellacray

      Cast majority? You can't be serious...

Most Helpful Girls

  • Bee-Hatch
    So you're posting a list of women who are at least slightly overweight and have really large hips in very little clothing. Keep your porn stash to yourself thanks
    Is this still revelant?
    • I will admit I find curvy women attractive, but I personally posted Courtney Mina because some people find morbidly obese women physically attractive.

      I know a guy who enjoys watching Courtney Mina eat 20 donuts as her breakfast, and doing weigh-ins to see her gaining progress. I personally don't like it, but everyone has their own taste.

    • How could this be considered to be porn? Because the women are curvy? I don’t get it.

    • Bee-Hatch

      Roland. Fancy words aside it wasn't a balanced list of "influencers". Just a list of minor Internet "celebrity" females the OP finds sexually attractive.

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  • Anonymous
    I’ve just recently found your account and can’t comprehend what it is you intend to gain by posting things like these. No judgment just wanna understand.
    Is this still revelant?
    • I'm just bored, and thought it would be interesting sharing these lists, that is all.

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  • blondfrog
    Lmfao hahaha this killed me bro 😂🤣😂😅

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