My Visual Height-Association Chart


Does anyone ever picture a specific kind of human being when a certain height is brought up? No? Just me? Well, okay, whatever. Here's what I think of when someone mentions a certain height to me, and the person who must be associated with that height. (At least, the males.) Bigger is better.

Note, that it's not meant to be entirely accurate, meaning they don't all have this specific same height. It's just who immediately comes to mind when you think of, say, a 5'9" guy versus a 6'5" guy.

[ ] 5'8"/173 cm - Skinny Steve Rogers (...Yup.)

My Visual Height-Association Chart

[ ] 5'9"/175 cm - DJ Qualls (Remember 2001's "The New Guy"? No?)

My Visual Height-Association Chart

[ ] 5'10"/178 cm - Jimmy Olsen (played by Calum Worthy; he's Superman's sort-of sidekick)

My Visual Height-Association Chart

[ ] 5'11"/180 cm - Jason Bateman (The most boring, generic guy in Hollywood)

My Visual Height-Association Chart

[ ] 6'0"/183 cm - James Franco 2011 (The perfect mix between being "uncool" and "cool")

My Visual Height-Association Chart

[ ] 6'1"/185 cm - Michael B. Jordan (in a suit; it's the ideal male height, after all)

My Visual Height-Association Chart

[ ] 6'2"/188 cm - Chris Hemsworth Thor (Manly, but still relatable)

My Visual Height-Association Chart

[ ] 6'3"/190 cm - Ben Affleck Batman (Tall, but not too tall; strong but still bleeds)

My Visual Height-Association Chart

[ ] 6'4"/192 cm - Henry Cavill Superman (The beginning of the "upper class" level)

My Visual Height-Association Chart

[ ] 6'5"/195 cm - Dwayne Johnson (Jesus, even Superman isn't this big!)

My Visual Height-Association Chart

[ ] 6'6"/197 cm - The Thing
(He's the start of super-human, but just barely)

My Visual Height-Association Chart

[ ] 6'7"/200 cm - The Juggernaut (This is the real start of "big men")

My Visual Height-Association Chart

[ ] 6'8"/203 cm and up - The Hulk (I'm jealous.)

My Visual Height-Association Chart


[ ] 5'0", 5'1", 5'2"/153-157 cm - Scarlett Johansson (Petite and cute)

My Visual Height-Association Chart

[ ] 5'3"-5'4"/160-163 cm - Salma Hayek 1996 (Short but legendary)

My Visual Height-Association Chart

[ ] 5'5"-5'6"/165-168 cm - Emma Stone (Only slightly short; the "everyday girl")

My Visual Height-Association Chart

[ ] 5'7"-5'8"/170-173 cm - Angelina Jolie 2005 (Comfortably in the middle; neither short nor tall)

My Visual Height-Association Chart

[ ] 5'9"/175 cm - Adriana Lima 2006 (Tall, graceful, beautiful, and fun)

My Visual Height-Association Chart

[ ] 5'10"/178 cm - Charlize Theron (Big Boss Lady energy)

My Visual Height-Association Chart

[ ] 5'11"/180 cm - Gina Carano 2012 (The Pinnacle; the Alpha Female)

My Visual Height-Association Chart
My Visual Height-Association Chart
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  • Mia-Wallace
    Dad is 6'4"
    Mom was 5'11"

    And then there's me, 170 cm
    And my husband is 6'2"

    *You've chosen the shrinkage trait. This is not changeable and will affect your gameplay unless you start a new game. Are you sure you want to continue?*
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    • MCheetah

      Damn, that sucks! 5'7" isn't a bad height for a girl, but when you have two parents with god-genes and that's how tiny you ended up? Using the basic formula, you should've ended up at 5'11.5"/182 cm (midway your parents height, minus 2 for being a girl). You're way below that.

    • Hahah. It' okay. I look like my uncle's twin. He is 175 cm and has a 6'3" wife (a danish model). My little cousin is now 6'3" and will probably be 6'4". I think he height is looking like his uncle, his mother's brother.

      You actually marry a person's whole family, you see.

    • MCheetah

      My mother was short (5'6"/167 cm), but also abusive and I think she drank while pregnant, so I ended up so short (180 cm) and my half-sister as well (5'2"/157 cm), even though my father was tall-ish (6'0.5"/184 cm) and so was my half-sister's father. However, the worse thing is, all of my friends and exes were taller than me. I was usually the shortest male back home in the US. That's why it always annoys me when girls on this site tries to tell me that me being a little runt is "a good height." Like, being the size of a girl is a "good thing" any man wants to hear.

      I think it'd be worse with your family though. All of your entire family have god-genes, except you and your uncle, apparently. He's tiny, while you're just medium.

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  • loves2learn
    I am scarlett johansen. I love it! She is adorbs. Thanks. :)
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  • mike5150
    I'm 6'1. I was already that height at 16 and stopped growing. I had to start growing outward because I was that height and under 140 pounds at that age.
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    • My husband was 6’0 and under 140 when I met him at age 18

  • RP_Blackburn
    Why do the men get more and more buff? I thought this was a height chart.
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  • InventorofWarp
    Okay, so I'm 6'8 and I'm nowhere near the size of, say, Dwayne Johnson or The Thing. I'm more John Krasinski-ish, who is exactly who I think of everytime someone mentions someone over 6'4 (John's height). For reference, I weigh in at 215 lbs. Constantly workout everyday. I'm lean but physically fit.

    For men: Anyone under 6 feet is fucking short and unmanly in my eyes.
    For women: If you're under 5'8 you're tiny af. In fact, 5'8 is short in my eyes. I somehow have a knack for stumbling upon women between 5'9-6'1 and befriending them and they're hot af.
    And the fact that you didn't even put Gwendolyne Christie or Allison Janney (both over 6'2) on this list is absolutely absurd.

    Also how god damn dare you call Teen Wolf the most boring man in Hollywood.

    And James Franco is no longer cool/uncool. Now he's just a creepy fuckin' rapist like Spacey and Cosby.
    • MCheetah

      I can only upload 20 pictures on here, and wasn't even going to do a female chart, at first. I squeezed in a few because I had the extra uploads I could use.

      Sorry, but Jason Bateman is the epitome of 5'11: A male Basic Bitch. He's perfect for such a terrible height. (And didn't you consider anyone under six feet to be pathetic, anyway?) I haven't heard any news on James Franco; what he'd do?

    • Really? You haven't heard anything about the TONS of allegations against Franco? Quite a few of them are confirmed. Do your homework before you include fallen heroes. I loved him once too and I still watch his movies (fuck I still LOVE American Beauty, Spacey is dead to me but his films aren't) but sorry, James is a creepy rapist.

      At least Dave is still kinda normal.

      HEY! I never said pathetic, I said unmanly. Jason is a sort-of exception. I mean alright, I give you that he's kind of bitchy and he looks kind funny and he's a basic male beta but, god fucking damnit the man is an American treasure. One of the few good things to come from that fucked-up nation. Also he kinda looks like me minus the stubble and tattoos and height so maybe I'm partial to him. He has my hairstyle anyway.
      Maybe that's why I respect him. 55 god damn years old and still has a full of head of hair.
      Either way, leave the Bateman alone.

      Look, if I can stand up and I'm standing in front of you and you can barely look me in the eye, you're a tiny and rather non-threatening dude in my eyes, I'm sorry. Few exceptions to this.
      When someone pisses me off (usually a small little guy who can't shut up) and I stand up, other men typically sit down.

    • I consider unmanliness in height like this: If you stand up and your woman is taller than you and can tap you on the head, there's a problem.
      I've met women 6'2 or 6'3 in heels. Fucking almost looking me right in the eye, come up to my chin. And their husbands or boyfriends are... a measly fuckin' 5'10 or 5'11. That's pretty amusing to me. Like how do you look your wife in the eye when she's got an inch or so on you? How do you feel like a man?

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  • wakeupchy
    i am 4'11.
    i missed the memo on height it seems. my one brother is 6'6- the other 6 foot
  • RealMarek
    I’m 6’5” but somehow don’t have the Rock’s physique...
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  • NerdyAndTall
    I'd take being thor
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    • MCheetah

      That's just for the guys. I didn't make a female one past 180 cm (I ran out of pictures I could submit), but 6'2" would be (Sensational) She Hulk.

      My Visual Height-Association Chart

      My Visual Height-Association Chart

    • No, thor

    • You want a penis?

  • karaspara
    Your tall i"m short get over it
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  • Diya010
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  • blondfrog
    According to you I am beta lol.
  • LindaT1974
    I’m 5’8 hubby is 6’4 I’m happy with difference xxx
  • Joker_
  • Lisa0203
    The perfect mix 😂 🙂