My Thoughts on Height and Relationships

My Thoughts on Height and Relationships

I often see questions about, height related to attractiveness. Most women would agree that man who is taller than them is significantly more attractive than a man who is shorter. But, one thing that men can count on, short or tall, to be successful in forming initimate relationships is success itself.

Have you ever seen Leonardo di Caprio, Tom Cruise, or other celebrities with towering models? Not only are the women around their height they often wear heels making them 6ft+. These tall, beautiful, long legged women aren't gonna deny/reject these men because they are successful and hold confidence within that.

I write this standing at 6ft, but my best friend is 5ft 3in and he is the most ballsy confident and successful person I know. He never uses his height as an excuse, he never lacks confidence, or at least he never lets it show. I look up to him. He thanks his height for his drive, he dated a girl who was 5ft 8in tall for about a year. She was not only tall but very attractive, no one could believe he had won this woman over. But he had gotten denied by her several times, she refused to date him for a while, but his persistence and success paid off. He was captain of my HS soccer team, was extremely intelligent (3.9gpa), had a job and volunteered at his church.

But even he has admitted being short is very difficult, in relationships, sports, and every aspect of his life, but he told me "I have no control over it, this is what i was given, i got to make it work." Right now he is happily dating a 5ft tall girl. I am single...

So to all the shorter bros out there, don't let anyone hold you back, but more importantly dont hold yourself back! Go get them!


Most Helpful Girl

  • I am into tall men but that being said, I'm 5ft2 so basically 99% of men are taller than me. Your friend handled is height the right way.
    Through the years, some short men I met acted like they needed to counterbalanced on their personality somehow and I just didn't like it. Just like the guy with the small penis who act like an ass, well that's how they acted.
    Now I'm not saying it's common to short men, I just notice it in high school with one guy and I guess it just tick with me.

    A short man react like your friend, well that's just the right way to do it.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Two questions:
    #1. What's the height of Priyanka Gandhi? (The one on right pic)
    #2. I'm 5'10'', is that okay?

    • 5'10 is fine, honestly.
      I am 5'9 and I would not reject a guy because of his height :)

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    • I think Priyanka is 5'7''...
      I chose someone whos wife/gf is taller

    • So Robert is not even 5'7''?

      Anyway, Good take.

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What Girls Said 3

  • I really enjoy a short guy. No offense to tall guys, everyone has preference. Mind you I'm all about personality and body language, so thats what matters.

    • yeah! my friend clicks all the right buttons when it comes to getting ladies!
      he has a stellar personality

  • I think this is a great take. So much of it is confidence and I have know so many amazing guys that are short.

    • I know! a lot of my friends are short and are my favorite people lol!

  • Bravo!!! Well put.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah, sorry, that's not good enough. Getting leg lengthening surgery sounds way easier than living at a height most girls will reject you over. I'm 5'6.5", by the way.

    • thats like avg bro lol! you have no problems!
      there is no need for you to get a surgery like that
      the articles message was supposed to be about your attitude towards dating, that is the most important part

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