Pros and Cons of Your Height


I noticed a lot of takes recently regarding height. I’ve seen tall people bashing short people and short people bashing tall people. Well just like race, height is something that people shouldn’t even be up for debate. I’ve already written this take in which I discuss heightism. However, now I’ll go over the pros and cons of short and tall people.

Pros of being short

Short guys can get dates too
Short guys can get dates too

1.) Faster reflexes: Yes, short people actually have faster reflexes as a result of the shorter distance brain signals have to travel.

2.) less likely to get cancer: As hard as it may sound to believe there have been studies that indicate that short people are less likely to get cancer.

3.) Shorter people are more fluid/dexterous in mobility: A short person will find themselves being able to move around easier than taller people. This becomes a major advantage in full contact sports.

4.) Can fit in smaller areas: A shorter and leaner person will find themselves being able to fit in smaller areas better than taller and bulkier people. Examples: cars, beds, showers etc.

5.)Faster: Shorter people on average can move their bodies faster than taller people as a result of less weight.

6.)Shorter people live longer on average: Many short people have something called the longevity gene which allows them to live longer than taller people.

7.)better Strength to weight ratio: A 5’6” 180lb man will usually be able to lift more than a 6’2” 180lb man. However this also has to do with shorter limb length, shorter range of motion equates to less effort having to be generated when lifting heavy objects.

8.)look younger: Shorter people tend to get mistaken as being younger than they really are. Many people have thought I was 4 years younger than I really am.

9.) Less likely to get injured in sports: The injury rate of shorter athletes is lower than the injury rate of taller athletes.

10.)Better leverage(grappling sports): In full contact grappling sports, shorter competitors will often find it easier to apply joint lock submissions on taller opponents due to the better leverage of the longer limbs.

cons of being short

That’s online dating for many short guys.
That’s online dating for many short guys.

1.) Less reach: You’ll find it harder to reach items on a shelf and certain tasks that require reach in a job will also be more difficult. Example: package handling.

2.) You won’t be taken seriously: Let’s face it. Short people especially short guys are often subject to ridicule due to their short stature. Certain employers will also not hire you and you’ll get laughed at when you get angry.

3.)Harder to find a date: This is the most obvious one, shorter people will often times find it harder to find a date because most people prefer dating taller people.

4.) many clothes won’t fit you: You’ll often find that clothes are too big for you.

5.)Feel lees secure in public: Shorter people often find themselves being less secure in public.

Pros of being tall

Be honest, you wouldn’t take them seriously if they weren’t tall.
Be honest, you wouldn’t take them seriously if they weren’t tall.

1.) Better reach: Well duh. This doesn’t require a explanation.

2.) Taken more seriously: Tall people are often taken more seriously than short people. You go to a job interview, your chances of being hired go up slightly. When you get mad, people will yield to you.

3.)Feel more secure: If you are tall, you’ll find yourself feeling more secure in public and sometimes even cocky.

4.) Have it easier in the dating world: Tall stature is considered an attractive trait in our culture. Being tall will definitely give you a better chance at scoring a date.

5.) Easier to find clothes that fit: At stores, you have more choices in clothing. There are even entire sections just for tall people.

6.) Take longer steps: If you are in a hurry you can take longer steps to reach your destination faster.

7.) Higher IQ: On average(not always) taller people have better IQ as shown by some studies

8.) Deliver heavier strikes(full contact sports): Taller people are usually heavier than shorter people so in full contact sports they can put more weight behind their strikes.

cons of being tall

When you live in a short and Average height person’s house.
When you live in a short and Average height person’s house.

1.). Less fluidity/maneuverability: Tall people will usually find it harder to move around especially in cramped areas. This becomes a problem in cramped working conditions and in full contact sports.

2.) slower reflexes: Taller people have slower reflexes based on the longer distance the nerve signals have to travel. It has been verified on several occasions.

3.) Harder to lift objects: The higher center of gravity and longer range of motion means taller people will have to exert more force to lift objects.

4.) susceptible to cancer: Studies have shown that Tall people have an increased chance of getting cancer.

5.)susceptible to injuries: Taller people, especially taller athletes are a lot more susceptible to getting injured due to harder falls and excessive weight on legs.

6.) less likely to have the longevity gene: While it’s still possible to have it, the chances of a tall person having it are lower.

On a side note, height alone does not determine how strong a person is. You can be short and strong, tall and weak or vice versa. Height also doesn’t determine prowess, skill, talent or physical attractiveness. Those are all traits that are independent of your height.

While there are probably more pros and cons to being either short or tall, these are some of the more important ones. So whether you are tall or short, just embrace your height. There’s nothing you can do to change it.

Pros and Cons of Your Height
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Idonthaveausername
    Excellent Take and I agree with most of your analysis!

    But that main thing I have to argue is dating. While it may he more difficult for short men to find a date, short stature tends to benefit women. Most guys like or prefer short girls. And even guys don't mind tall girls as much as girls dislike short guys

    Interesting about the cancer thing, but makes sense since nobody in my family has cancer. The tradeoff is short people are more likely to develop mental illness such as depression and schizophrenia

    I can definitely see faster reflexes and and strength. Went to see an MMA event last night and watched some short little 5'1" guy smash an average height guy
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  • SpiderManFan2002
    Haha yup. And I can still shop in the children's section and petite adults standing at 5'1 :P
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Most Helpful Guys

  • MeanderingTrex
    I'm 5'6" and I have no problem with my height. Never had a hard time meeting girls or felt like my height was holding me back. Most guys (even tall ones) feel the need to inflate their height by an inch or two to give them confidence. Just be happy with what you got. It's how you use it, not the size lol
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  • MrShinyPants
    I got my head a lot on things, barely fit into any cars, constantly having to reach things up high for people, getting asked how's the weather, plenty others
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  • ChloeInABun
    I'm over 6 feet and, well, my clothes shopping is basically limited to a specific local chain specialising in tall women's clothing, and eBay. That, or this easy trick: top tucked into a waist-high skirt with leggings (I think I own like two tops that are actually long enough non-tucked?). Yes, even in Russia we're not remotely normal!

    I was never mocked in school for it though, probably because I had the most unfair advantage in any sport. Even in full contact, the added height gives you a lot of extra weight which leaves a trail of corpses in your wake… and then one of my best guy friends (6'4) and I played rugby and I got swatted like a fly lol.

    Never had a problem with guys in general though, it's actually been a huge boon for the most part. Many times I've been the first one asked to dance at my bar… which is actually a bit of a con because dancing's kind of difficult if you're not shorter than your partner.

    I do genuinely wish I was shorter though because I'm the one who's picky (well, that and the clothing thing). I want nothing more than to be able to lean into someone. I definitely have the day-to-day personality of a tall person (whatever that means lol), but too many guys get the idea I'm some dom from the moment they start talking to me when I'm literally the exact opposite. >_>

    Still looking for that guy I can lean into. Or at least one who has a commanding enough presence to make it feel that way if he isn't at least 190 cm.
  • BrutallyHonest87
    Last time I checked, the average white American male is 5'7

    I was born one month premature at 13 pounds and 30 inches.
    Doctors thought I'd be at least 6'6 and 275

    I was 5'6 in third grade. I was the tallest, fastest, strongest, heaviest kid in class.

    By 5th grade, many kids had caught up to me.

    I hit 6th grade, and was average.

    I hit 5'9 165lb in the 9th grade. I have filled out to 210 with a bit of a belly but, that's it.

    Yeah, I'm disappointed a little bit. I don't care to be the biggest strongest fastest or tallest but, I wish I was at least 5'11. I don't think I'd want to be any taller than maybe 6'2.

    Honestly, I don't think about it. And as stated elsewhere, I strongly prefer short girls. The shorter, the better.

    I'm not sure but, I think men are just supposed to be taller than women. It certainly seems that way. You don't see as many tall chicks as you see tall guys.

    All that being said, this heavy discussion about height is starting to get a little off putting. Who the fuck cares?

    There's tall guys who like tall girls
    Tall guys who like short girls
    Short guys who like tall girls
    Short guys who like short girls

    There's tall girls who like tall guys
    Tall girls who like short guys
    Short girls who like tall guys
    And short girls who like short guys

    There's even average people who like average people

    To be perfectly honest, height wouldn't be a deal breaker for me if "the one" actually existed.

    Just as long as I don't have to pay for a custom house to accommodate a giantess. 🤣
    • it is funny though because they allways say that the average hieght for a American white man is 5'7 but i have never met a guy who is 5'7 inless they are still growing every dude i have met is 5'9 and over and the average for a white American women is 5'4 and the majority of girls and women I know are like 5'8-5'10 i am the shortest girl i know and i am 5'5 lol

    • @turnmypainintopower1 my mom and dad are both 5'7.

      Mom's side of the family are all long and lean. Only my mom and her sister are under 6'

      My dad's side of the family is all short and stocky. I think they're all about 5'5.

      My little sister is like 5'2 and 110lbs.

      I'm pretty much in the middle.

      My dad likes to give me a hard time and say that I was supposed to be a monster and extremely athletic. "You were supposed to take care of your mother and I in our retirement years, you little shit!"

      Dad, shut up before I put you up on the shelf up there where you can't get down. 🤣

    • ya lol my mom is 5,9 and my dad is 6ft so I came out kinda short lol

  • Storm_Soldier2377
    "Height also doesn’t determine prowess, skill, talent or *physical attractiveness*. "



    Yeah, no sorry mate, I have to point out wishful thinking.
    • Keep stroking your own ego.

    • @Storm_Soldier2377 There is no scientific correlation between height and prowess but if you want to keep believing there is then go ahead, it doesn’t change facts.

  • 6'5" here, and you missed a few things.

    Firstly, it is an absolute nightmare to find clothes that fit. Shirts will either be long enough but not fit my shoulders, shirts will fit my arms but ride up my midsection, or the shoulders and chest will fit fine but the shirt will ride up the midsection. I have never found a non-tailored suit that fits me, which means whenever I want professional clothing I need to get it tailored.

    I'm also surprised you didn't mention head trauma. I've smashed my head on water pipes in the basement, kitchen cabinets, tops of cars, doors, showers, and everything that was meant for normal human use. I also just don't fit in most cars.

    I'm not saying tall guys don't have advantages, but I'm also pretty sure I've killed plenty more brain cells that short people through smashing my head on things
    • I forgot to mention that as one of the cons of being tall.

  • turnmypainintopower1
    I am 5'5 I I don't mind my height to much but others seem to lol they always say I am to tall or to short and some people say that guys don't like average height girls and I am starting to think that is true but it is helpful because I can reach most cabinets and I ussally never taller then any dude
  • LittleRedKat
    First I feel like I should mention I'm 5'9 to make this more understandable.

    Pros: I can reach tall things. You don't have to lean down to kiss me.
    Cons: car makeouts are difficult. Wearing heels makes me taller than most people in the room. I can't reach up to kiss most guys😂😂😂
  • Mornin23
    The strength to weight ratio thing isn’t true at all. if you put a 5’8” dude and a 6’4” one on the field, with the former squatting 335 and the latter 275, the taller dude will blast the shorter one. I know from experience. Now, weight to weight lifted in a weight room? Yes, because of the difference in extension length when lifting. I’m exerting a lot more force pushing 275 that far than I would be pushing 335 as far as he was
    • There’s always exceptions to the rule but it’s been proven that on average, shorter people have better strength to weight ratios than taller people of equal weight.

    • Even in full contact sports you’ll occasionally see shorter guys defeating taller guys but I was mostly referring to lifting potential.

    • Mornin23

      They have better leverage because of the length of their joints, so yes it’s easier to lift heavier weights in a weight room, but in terms of translating to functional strength, it’s completely irrelevant. It’s the fact that you said ‘strength to weight’ and not lifting potential initially.

  • NaultD
    Bs on the clothing for tall person. I can't find a store that carries my size. That god for the internet shopping but i can't try them on before i buy and i can't get myself to return them if i don't like them.
  • allie1997
    Not another MyTake about height, geez!!
    Besides where are average height people? Why are there only short and tall again?

  • Aiko_E_Lara
    Here's mine. I'm only 5'7.5 and I notice lots of girls are 5'0 - 5'4 and 5'8 - 5'11

    Con: Too short to lots of girls not my race, Too tall for spaces

    Pro: Enough height to reach something, Tall to girls my race and some girls not my race.
  • art84
    I am 5'7 and do look young for my age. I actually got mistaken for being in my early 20's by my uncle who thought i was 19 years old when i was actually 24 years old.
  • halfbowsey
    Disagree with "Easier to find clothes that fit" as a pro for being tall. It's a nightmare finding things that fit. Often times, things you like are below your size leading to less options
  • princessfromjupiter
    Okay but the fact that you listed 2 more benefits as well as one less disadvantage for being short respectively shows that you are biased toward preferring short over tall yourself too.
    • Reggieray

      While the author may have listed more benefits, it doesn't mean that these benefits have equal value scores.

    • @Reggieray no but that’s not even the main problem. The fact is that many of these pros and cons listed are just plain wrong. Short people may have faster reflexes but there is no way they are faster in general. At 5’10” I experience it literally ALL the time that I’m walking while my shorter friends have to almost run to keep up with me. Imagine I started running, they would fall behind in no time (fun fact is that I actually won some medals in sprinting). And it makes sense because my legs are quite a lot longer, which allows for me to cover the same distance in much fewer steps, which in turn saves time. And don’t even get me started on the “more secure” pro of being tall that essentially ends in the ridiculously judgmental statement “tall people are more often cocky” — like ahahah what did I just read?

    • Same with the pros and cons in dating. From a male perspective it sure helps to be tall but definitely an advantage for girls to be on the shorter side here.

  • CubsterShura
    Regarding the fact that short people can't reach, it's ok. I can always climb on a chair, table or shelf to grab what I need. Sometimes it is a greater advantage over tall people.
  • Jjdjeucbcb
    Jeez this whole height thing is such a big deal on here. Im tall and idc about my height really. As long as i am healthy and eating like a polar bear but looking like a fit giraffe im good.
    • allie1997

      Yea they make a MyTake about it everyday.. It's really boring

  • RhythmAndHues
    "can you reach that for me please?" "can you reach that for me please?" "can you reach that for me please?" "can you reach that for me please?"
  • ichighost
    Pro, I don't have problems reaching things. Con, it's hard to fit comfortably in vehicles.
  • Pejtu
    Well im 6.2 feet height and i never seen or had those disadventages
    But the good things u said are true
  • stormbreaker06
    everything for men is always a problem when it comes to women.

    women today don't deserve attention.

    no homo
  • btgs012
    I love being tall I don't know how many times I have helped people reach things at a store or at home/realitives house.
  • allies097
    Why are people on GaG so obsessed with their height? Hmm 🤔
    Also where are average height people?
  • mezzymezzmez
    @PrettyRegular definitely had it easier in the dating world hehe 😘😘♥️
  • Okies
  • Bicuriouswe
    Cons : less likely for taller guys to like you
    • If you are short, it doesn't matter to guys (short or tall). If you are a tall girl, however, it is actually less likely for average and mostly for short guys to like you, especially if you are (noticeably) taller than them.
      If you are a short girl, you are considered "cute". If you are a short boy, well, bad luck.
      At about 1.74-1.75 m (5'8" - 5'-9"), I am somewhere in the middle. It sucks that there are girls who are taller than me, but hey, c'est la vie.

  • Good take
  • Ghost285
    She looks male
  • Anonymous
    Great mytake!