Full Lips: Is It Attractive, Exotic or Unappealing?


As a woman of color in the states, I would always stand out, even within my own race. The differences in my appearance would always make people wonder, especially those that belong to the European (White) race. My traits are unique and that intrigues others. For example, possessing full lips. Here's a picture of me:

These are Recent Pictures of Myself
These are Recent Pictures of Myself

Many men and women find that women who possess full lips to be attractive. They realize how "exotic" is makes one look. How fascinating it is ones lips can look like. However, there are others who may find it unappealing, too big, disgusting... yes, disgusting.

Yes, it's true that people of a certain background (including women of African, Middle Eastern and Latin/Hispanic Background) have traits for these unique, beautiful, natural looking lips, but the media and western standards have not always seen it in that light. Here are some pictures of "women of color" who possess this trait:

Jill Marie Jones
Jill Marie Jones
Middle Eastern Woman
Middle Eastern Woman
Afro American Instagram Influencer
Afro American Instagram Influencer
Latina Woman
Latina Woman
Latina/Hispanic Woman
Latina/Hispanic Woman

Due to Eurocentric beauty standards that have affected how a woman should look worldwide, having full lips have became a trend, within the past decade. Let's take for instance, the "Kyle Jenner Challenge", "Lips fillers", or even using makeup to create the "illusion" of one possessing fuller lips 💋 Even since Bratz have made their comeback, having full lips became more desirable, especially among the younger generation.

Ever since Bratz made their first debut in 2001, they were viewed in not the best light. They were critized for their skin tones, hair, clothes and for their iconic lips 💋

Jade, Yasmin, Sasha and Chloe
Jade, Yasmin, Sasha and Chloe

For over many centuries, in certain cultures in parts of the world, a woman who possessed such lips was viewed as beautiful. Within their culture, it was a beauty standard. But for the past decade, it has become a trend in the Western world. My lips are not a trend! It is not fad. It is not something that I can just paint on and take off whenever. It is part of me. It is what I was born with. It is something that is in my DNA to have. I am grateful for the lips that I have and wouldn't change them. The only thing I don't like is to be judged for something that I was born with (and other women I see whose lips are naturally full) being deemed as unattractive and ugly, but then see s White model or actress with full lips and gets praises for it and see men in love sith the lips that they paid to have what I got!

Now, there are some White women out their with natural full lips, somewhere. But every other White girl that I see on Instagram or Tiktok with full lips seem to have them just for clout (followers and likes) and attention from the opposite sex. They either use a filter, makeup and there are other options available, as well.

This MyTake is to bring awareness to the topic of appropriating and profiting one's culture and identity. Although it is not my business as to what one does with their body, I at least want them to be conscious of those women who are judged for having such lips and to be supportive 😊 Thank you for your time to read this MyTake. Much appreciated 🙏🏽

Full Lips: Is It Attractive, Exotic or Unappealing?
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  • Lost_in_the_Woods
    You said it yourself. The insta-plastics try to fake it to be more attractive.

    They don't actually think they are the most beautiful. If they did they wouldn't spend all their time and money trying to change how they look.

    The truth is they are insecure, so they copy someone they think is beautiful while tearing that person down thinking that somehow moves them up and makes people like them more. But the vast majority of guys I know don't even use instagram.

    Corporations work together to use one cheap product to sell other expensive products. They will tell you that you need makeup to have red lips and someone else she needs makeup to have curvy ones. That way they make money off both of you. Facebook knows instagram hurts girls self esteem. What they don't tell you is they designed it that way to keep people coming back, trying to be like the people on the promoted pages and spending money on thinks that they see on the site. There is a reason they call them influencers. It's designed to change you. Not to make you happy.

    When it comes down to it, it's honestly preference. Most guys like big boobs. I prefer small boobs. I think big round lips look better but I'd kiss either one. Some people probably have a strong preference one way or the other but if anything I would guess yours are the popular ones.

    But that's a dangerous way of thinking. Don't focus on things you can't change, and definetly don't let anyone make you feel less because of them. I could get botox but I definitely wouldn't end up as pretty as you.

    Beauty standards are a lie. There is no best. One person's favorite is another person's turn off. Play to your strengths and be you. You're the only one who is the best at that, and it's the only thing you will be the best at.

    Don't try to find the perfect combination of body parts because there isn't one. There are billions. Everyone's lips look good when they are smiling and worse when they aren't. That's what it's really about.

    Nobody likes to shop for glasses without trying them on. What looks good on one person might look awful on another. neither one is better or worse, and thinking that way is a good way to be unhappy.

    You're definitely attractive. I think big curvy lips are probably more popular than little thin ones. Some people are mean because they are assholes, some people are mean because they are jealous, some girls have little tiny lips and they are gorgeous too.

    Im not going to list the pros and cons because both are fantastic. And at the end of the day that doesn't matter.

    It's not one verses the other. It's about putting two and two together to make a pretty picture.

    Nobody picks up the parts of a Mr. Potatoe head like "wow, that's such a cute nose" it's all about how you arrange them.

    If you can see yourself that way you'll never have to worry about someone else. You'll always feel beautiful and you'll see gains Instead of insecurities.

    You are beautiful.

    Lots of people have pretty eyes and ears and noses but try to hand someone one without the face attached and you'll see what is really important.
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    • @MelaninQueen21 My cat has gorgeous whiskers. As all cats do.

      When they fall off I keep them in a jar and I treasure the jar of whiskers.

      But on their own they aren't all that beautiful. They are just whiskers. I treasure them because they remind me of her face, and that reminds me of what she means to me.

      It's not the whiskers that I love. They are only important to me because she is.

  • Darksign
    I don't know, a nice medium would be nice. Preferably on the bigger size. It kinda depends on who's attached. Yours look good but you'd swallow me if i tried to kiss you. I've never had lips that big. But I'd say attractive looking. There might be some good fake ones but i couldn't tell they were fake. All of the ones I noticed are fake look very creepy and unnatural
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    • Haha 😄 I'd wouldn't be able to give you an answer. I've never kissed anyone before and probably don't know how to and probably never will.

    • Darksign

      Well you're still young and I'm sure there's plenty of people that totally would

Most Helpful Girls

  • Holo900
    Honestly, your lips are beautiful and they go perfectly along with your other features. Most white women have thin lips and those lips fit their features as well. I think that’s why when so many of them get lip fillers, it looks very unnatural. It would be nice if everyone could be just content with their own natural born features.
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  • lovedejj_xo
    I have full lips….. doesn’t bother me I like my lips…
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  • Deydey12345
    I dont like it... for esthetic reasons.. but also because I think that when they kiss you with their big lips they eat half of your face ! Unless they are kissing someone else with big lips like them...
    But I know that if I kissed someone with big lips well they would be eating my whole face, giving the fact that I have a small mouth.. it jist isn't compatible.

    But also as I said earlier... I dont find it visually pleasing either. In fact I find it ugly...
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    • You don't have to be disrespectful nor rude about it when you state your opinion. Just keep that in mind before you start spitting out stuff without thinking!

    • You specifically asked if we found it unappealing!!!
      I answered your question.
      It wasn't disrespectful since you asked to know our opinions.

    • Wasn't disrespectful... "I think that when they kiss you with their big lips they eat half of your face". I understand what you're saying, but you have to be careful on how you word things, is all. Thank you for your response.

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  • jaybee281
    Personally they're a must for me - Of the 8 girls I've kissed only the first 1 didn't have full lips - bear in mind I was 13 - I can't think of someone with not full lips that I actually felt attracted to enough - But definitely almost all people are not like that so don't take my word for the majority but there must be people who think the way I do
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  • humpbackjack
    When they’re natural or at least natural looking they are attractive but when some of these women go overboard with injections it makes them look crazy like straight up 5150 and yes you have naturally full lips and they are exotic and attractive
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  • Chrysanthee
    I never realised I had plumb lips until my friends mentioned it to me. Being a POC and a woman is hard. I'm mixed and have a light skin tone an would always have to hear the remarks my aunts and uncles have been holding back for during Thanksgiving and stuff related to family gatherings. Or being cat called while I walk its just disgusting
  • Daniela1982
    Being natural is one thing but when they puff them all up they look ridiculous. Full Lips: Is It Attractive, Exotic or Unappealing?
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    • human or fish?

    • We had a teacher in middle school and kids called her fish lips. You know she had to hear that.

    • @888theGreat At least she would get laughs and whispering.

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  • JCrockett
    Real or fake, white or black, they're unappealing. Although the fake ones do look the worst.
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  • Leonharted
    It's fine. I don't think it's exotic, as I think every race has them.
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  • demonics
    Over drawing ones lipstick and dermal filler is the unattractive part i. e. the women pictured above.

    But as a man its not kosher to tell a woman she looks FINE without all of that BS. I mean what could she complain about if she knew how full of shit women's magazines and instathots were in regards to what men find attractive.
  • Babygirl_S
    Medium-sized lips are preferred in my culture but most guys aren't very particular about lip size so most women don't "fix" their lips. They care more about other things (physically).
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  • Ukrainianbuddafly
    I'm eastern European and naturally have full lips. I was always teased for it.
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  • anon171999
    Real is beautiful. Most fake I've seen is obviously fake and gross.
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  • Kate090
    I personally find full lips attractive but that’s not a must have trait I’m looking for in a partner.
  • KlinkyCoder
    I don't think it's a matter of "cultural apropriation" and people are going to be attracted to what they like. I like both White and Latina women the most.
  • VikingWarLord
    If she has thin lips, I dock points from her overall looks.

    Chics with full lips make men think of blow jobs which is exactly what I want to be thinking about when I look at her face.
  • Destrother
    Fillers most of the time look bad so do the ones done with make up but the natural ones are usually pretty nice but i personally rather thin small lips
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  • Massageman
    Interesting take. There ARE so many "enhancing" products, it makes ones' mind spin. I would simply suggest looking deeper than lip deep when choosing friends.
  • Guido
    On some women it looks good and other it does not. It all depends on the person's facial features.
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  • anon1903
    They're extremely attractive to me. If a stranger with full lips asks me for a kiss, i wouldn't even hesitate. I'd just give them one!
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  • loveslongnails
    I LOVE kissing a girl with full lips! They're beautiful to look at too !!
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  • OG956
    Depends. I like on ebony women, but don't like it on white women (especially those from surgery like Angelina has).
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