3 Easy Steps To Luscious Lips

Soft, lush, plump lips - who could ask for more?

These tips will make your pout irresistable!

1. Peeling

A soft peeing for the lips is all you need to get them heavenly to the touch again.

Mix a bit of honey with sugar and some olive oil. Apply that to your lips in a circular massaging motion. When you've done that thoroughly (mind you don't be too rough, the skin on the lips is fragile) rinse it off and rub gently with the towel (for an extra peel).

2. Lip balm

Now comes the moisturizing process. You can use any lip balm you have on, but one that is more moisturizing may be your best bet. The one with vitamin E and shea butter.

Just apply that to your lips, rub it in with your finger to make sure it soaks it in, and then re-apply for another coat of hydration.

3. Lip gloss/lipstick

After lip balm comes some pazazz. This step is entirely optional.

If you want to give your lips some color and sparkle, use a lip gloss. Any lipgloss - the one you find suites you best.

If you wish to make your lucious lips a statement piece, use a lipstick. Red, violet, orange...whichever one your skin tone will mesh with best.

[Who DOESN'T put their lip gloss like this...am I right?]

Now go out there and kiss!

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  • I'm a guy so I'm definitely not doing the (3. Lip gloss/lipstick) part Lol


Most Helpful Girl

  • this take made me proud of my full lips :* ;)


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  • Woman in picture two has such beautiful full lips <3 I so wish my lips were bigger. My mom has the most beautiful full lips, and I've always been so jealous.

  • If I may ask, why exactly is it that some women are so eager and desperate to have luscious lips?

    • Because having chapped lips looks and feels horrible + it's an open source for pretty bad infections...
      Glad I could elaborate. =)

    • LOL, I wish I could upvote your comment!!

    • luscious lips are delicious to kiss? :)