Explaining Makeup: How it works

Since many guys on this site always comment on make up, mainly on how they think women look better with out it or about how they wear too much. What I think is that they actually prefer women who wear natural make up or minimal make up. I though I would take the time to explain what certain products do and why specific women need them along with how much make up is actually a lot of make up. This is also a good make up article for newbies or young girls who don't know much about make up, mainly to keep you from making any silly mistakes.

The Power Of Makeup : Empowerment

Yes some people actually feel as if they need make up, not everyone has perfect skin and sometimes every woman gets a couple of nasty break outs like in this woman's case. It can also help out with many things such as under eye circles and making certain facial features look smaller. It also helps women look less like zombies in the morning after they have pulled an all nighter. The image bellow shows the power of under eye concealer, that is all she is wearing.


Contouring is what Kim Kardashian does to her face, it can help re-create certain facial features if. For an example you can make your forehead look smaller, cheek bones higher, your face less round, your nose thiner. It's magic.


Men think that women shouldn't use make up because of some of the following silly blunders. Its things like clown eyebrows, bad lip liner, and 80's style make up that send men running sometimes. For an example they think that women shouldn't really draw their eyebrows because of people who draw their eyebrows like this.

The funny thing though is that my mother and I actually fill in our eyebrows. My mother's eyebrows are thinning so she fills them out with pencil, and the outermost part of my eyebrow is really thin and sparse so I have to draw that in.

Clown make up is also a big no, for more colorful looks I would sugest checking out actual make up tutorials on the internet. Those are the basics and if any of you ladies are interested to check out the most comon make up mistakes here you go.

The 10 Most Comon Makeup Mistakes

A Right Look For Every Occasion

Girls pick a simple every day look, a professinal look, and a look for when you go out to the club. Just make sure that the every day look is a minimal make up look. Since after all there was a study that shows men prefer minimal make up.

Make up study

Below let me show you images for everyday make up, profesional make up and the party look which involves more color and glitter:

I hope you guys learned something and this article is simply here to teach about the basics of why some women wear make up, blunders they make, and the fact that there is a look for every ocassion.


Most Helpful Guy

  • lol that girl on the first video goes through all that trouble and she doesn't even look all that different. All she did was hide her minor breakout, which looked cute anyway.

    For me, only the everyday/natural look is acceptable. Any other type of make up will turn me off almost instantly.

    I'm sorry but women LOOK better without makeup but only if they are naturally beautiful. Which is what ugly women don't really seem to understand. :) Of course if you smoke, drink and party all night it's going to affect your face and you're gonna look like a zombie in your mid 20s. boohoo just because some women need makeup to fix the disaster they created doesn't mean cute/beautiful women need it.

    And I personally find color, glitter, eye liners and mascara repulsive and pointless in all situations. Just like long nails, I've never found or understood the appeal in it. But hey, whatever makes you crazy women happy and feel better about yourselves. :p


Most Helpful Girl

  • personally, I like wearing make up.
    At morning, before I go to the university, I put on oil-free creamy foundation, mascara, eyeliner on the top lashes and lip balm.
    At afternoon, the same and also I draw a cat-eye look and sometimes put some white eyeshadow and concealer and deep red lip stain or lipstick.
    At special events, I usually do smoky cat eyes, much like the last photo you showed us, and maybe red lip stain.

    My boyfriend likes it when I wear make up. Except when I put on too much eyeliner on both lids and when I put too flashy eyeshadows


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What Guys Said 3

  • There are those who like it all-natural, even if some dimples or the bags under the eyes can be seen. There's just something that the real and natural face has to offer that the painted over mask can't.

  • I personally love eyeliner and mascara. A girl with eyeliner is always more attractive than without it in my opinion.

  • Interesting take, but I personally still have an extreme dislike for eyeliner and mascara.


What Girls Said 5

  • I never wear makeup, but to each her (or his) own :)

  • I've seem that video of the why I wear makeup. That pretty much sums up why I wear makeup

  • very nice article :)

  • Lol guys say they don't like girls who wear makeup but usually don't pay attention to her. When a mans gf stops applying herself he stays away or starts to cheat. Most girls look terrible with makeup. Sorry to burst any bubbles
    Every girl should test it out for theirselves. Go outside and spend the day doing stuff without makeup. If many men pay attention to you and do anything to impress you then you're most likely pretty.
    Which would be 2 out of 10 girls. All those no makeup pics above look like shit

  • I've just reventky started wearing makeup. I did it because I was using it as a coping mechanism--something to do.