What do you think of varsity/ high school jackets? Girls? My parents are trying to get me to get one.?

My mom and dad are trying to get me to buy a varsity jacket because I played varsity baseball this year. I didn't do that much and I was on the bench most of the season because I'm a first year player (and a mediocre one at that). I only managed 3 varsity hits, 1 run 3 steals, and I made 1 out. I plan on signing up for more varsity sports in the fall (soccer and basketball, all my school has). I'm better at those than baseball (especially basketball), but I still don't know if I should get one solely because no one else on the teams wear any, and because I really don't want one. The problem is, my dad was a high school loser, and he 's trying to (passively mimd you) live through me. When I told him I didn't want one he became meloncoly. My attempts at placation (wait until next year, let me contribute more to the teams first, etc) have all failed. Hoodies, sweat jackets, and windbreakers are not an option (my dad would say no, and I dislike those). Any suggestions would help. Thanks.
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  • Do you not like the idea of the Letterman jacket or do you feel like you haven't earned it?

    If it's the latter you can always add the basketball patch next year and then wear it.

    Parents can be funny about things like this. Don't let push it on you if you don't want it but try and be sensitive to his feelings.

    Just because they buy it doesn't mean you have to wear it. 40 years from now your grandkids might appreciate having a keepsake like that.

    Enjoy your high school athletics. In the long run it doesn't mean much but it sure can be a lot of fun.

    • They won't force me, but my dad would be hurt if I didn't get one and didn't wear it. I like the idea if Letterman jackets, but my school is a bit weird when it comes to stuff like this, and I haven't done that much. I've tried to convince him I should wait a little while before I get one, but he's holding on to his now or never mentality, and my ma's behind him. Appreciate the advice. :)

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  • Your parents shouldn't be telling you I get one that's not nice have you told your dad that it's your choice if you do not want one do not get one , you have a mind of your own you are my your parents ad they should force guy to get a varsity jacket if you do not want one. Have you told your parents how you feel about them forcing you to get a varsity jacket.

  • I have one. My boyfriend has one. Guess my hometown is just behind the times. All the varsity athletes in my hometown get them.

    If they want to get you one, let them. You don't have to wear it. However, my varsity jacket is like the warmest thing ever in the winter lol. I graduated 2 years ago and none of the winter coats I've bought even compare to how warm my varsity jacket is. Plus I'm so small that I can put my winter coat on and then put my varsity jacket over it and be double warm for when it's like -30 degrees :p

  • Im not a huge fan. I think they're kinda old fashioned


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