Guys, what is the difference between attraction and interest?

Sometimes you look at a girl because she's pretty and your attracted but you don't want anything more than just admiring her. At other times, there's the looking at her and wanting to know more about her.. so what exactly is the difference and how is a girl supposed to tell?

Especially when you both don't talk but you see each other a lot recently. Each time she's in your vicinity you glance, and you have shared some had weird eye contact stuff and you don't mind standing near her when you have the chance. How is she to know if you are just admiring her or you are interested in knowing her?

opinions? thanks!


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  • I usually look but not want to have anything to do with a girl if I am not available or if she does not look available (boyfriend/husband by her side etc.). Other than that, if the time is right, I'll move in for the 'kill' (figure of speech - I don't kill girls)

    • What abt if she's always alone? like you only see her with girls or alone by herself. and it's a school setting. would you just approach her like that?

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    • Fair enough. All I can say, is that since you two are stranger to each other, then there is no way he knows you other than your physical appearance. In that case, I think he finds you very attractive. No different with when girls stare at guys.

    • True, true. I talked to him today though. Had to cause we crossed paths. he was quite unresponsive and pretty subdued. he's quite the noisy, rowdy and I dunno... just mixes ard with the plain irritating sort of ppl. weird. haha. anyway thanks!

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  • I think that interest is when someone wants to act on their attraction to a person.

    I'll let the guys answer the rest though :)

    • I was kinda thinking along those lines too. "wanting to act on the attraction". see what the guys say then. :D