What is the difference between finding someone attractive and being attracted to someone?

I can't seem to understand it and people seem to differentiate between the 2.

Some of you seem to have been misleaded by the use of the term 'finding', so by that I mean finding someone TO BE attractive. As in simply considering them attractive. Not actually going and finding them, like hide and seek.


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  • I can look at Brad Pitt and say he's attractive , but I've zero desire to get in his pants.
    Someone I'm attracted to, like my gf? Getting in her pants is my top priority some days lol

    • well she is a lucky girl!! thank you! :)

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  • Finding someone attractive is intentionally going out there, looking for someone while being attracted is natural. Both could either be based on looks, personality, or both.

    • No no, finding as in thinking someone is attractive. So the difference between thinking someone is attractive and being attracted to someone. That´s what I can´t get.

    • Thinking someone is attractive is just an instant thought that doesn't mean much but being attracted to someone is actually being interested in having a relationship with them and thinking of them.

    • thank you :)

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  • Finding someone attractive is like "Oh she is beautiful... I wonder what's for dinner?" - Being attracted to someone "Oh she is beautiful... I wonder is she single? ... I am going to ask her out".

  • I can see that someone IS attractive (according to social standards)
    That does not mean that *I* am attracted to her. because my standards may be different from society's.

    • I see, that makes sense! Thank you.

  • The same as liking a movie, or a jelly donut. But the being attractive end of things' That;s all on you.

  • There is no difference. Its saying the same thing, only differently.

    • that´s the thought that made me ask, but people I have talked to think differently :D I was curious.

    • No lol people apply different meanings to things, like angry and mad. Same thing.

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