Taylor Lauytner vs Chris Hemsworth. Who is hotter?

Wolfy wolf brah vs semi god brah.

Both have mirin physiques and are pretty much in their prime right now.

So who is hotter according to you?
Thor thorred wolf by I dont even know how much to 4


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  • I googled Taylor lautner and he looks like he should be in one of those shitty werewolf movies.

    Chris Hemsworth (who I also had to google) is more my type. He looks like a real man's man! Those big strong arms, the rugged facial hair and uncouth Aussie accent. I wish he'd pound me with his hammer!

    • Wo wo brah. Unless you swingin other side, you can't go that deep ha. Thor be thorrin him

    • You do realize that Taylor are in Wearwolf movies right?

      Well vampire/werewolf movies...

    • I'm not part of their demographic, Diva :P

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