Do you think latinas or tan or dark skin women can wear red lipstick?

or do you think they look like clowns? I got told we look like clowns with it. If you don't, show examples of women who look good with it.
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  • Yeah 100% we don't have a lot of Hispanic people in England but when I did makeup for a photoshoot in the states my models were Spanish girls and some where fair and some had a warmer complexion but I used red on them all and they all looked lovely so I would say yes go for red lips

    • Oh wow. If I showed you a picture, would you say if you think she is model worthy or no?

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    • I came across it while I was in the states but I never used it and here iv never come across it so unfortunately iv never got a chance to see if the products where any good. If your into mineral makeup maybe try bare mineral or the body shop cosmetics I used to work for them. The products are all natural based and are not animal tested. I'm sure I saw a few stores in LA so they must have them though out the country and they cater to warmer tones, I'm Iranian and pakistani so I'm warm skinned and I know it can be annoying to find the perfect colour for warmer tones but they have a lot of yellow based foundations so it a great company for warm toned skin colours

    • Lol oh okay. I used it and it seems fairly good for now. Thanks though!

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