Guys, what do you think is beautiful about a girl?

what kind of personality?

what looks?

what body shape?

what attitude?

what features?

im no trying to achieve anything I'm just curious to what different guys have to say about it.


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  • everything..

    first of all.. everyone is different.. and that's not just some b/s excuse or way to nicely reject people you're not interested in.. it's true.. there is no ONE standard the whole world goes by.. different people want and can offer different things..

    looks: think of looks like a monster penis.. sure isn't nice.. but it's not necessary.. and in fact.. you'd be more than happy if it's not what you've seen in porn movies.. it's the same thing for looks.. perfect 34Ds are nice to look at.. like a Salvador Dali painting.. but it's not what we want.. so we might tease you about it.. because we're assholes.. but at the end of the day.. we want a REAL girl.. not a FAKE girl.. we don't want silicone enhanced breasts.. starvation diet thinness or perfect proportions.. or orange tans and the cosmetics isle on your face.. we want you.. the real you.. give us that.. and we'll love every wrinkle on your body or extra pound you think you have.. because it's all part of the you that we love

    attitude? no thanks..

    personality: again.. everyone is different.. I sort of have a weakness for the free spirit.. someone who I can take a year off with and just go around the whole U.S. with in nothing but a 1973 dodge charge and $15 in our pocket.. she's fun.. always happy.. full of life.. smart.. funny.. and passionate.. usually an artist.. if she's into classic rock or has a punk/gothish thing going.. it's kind of sexy.. and focused ambition.. not someone who has dreams.. but someone who has goals (the difference is that dreams are goals with no means or realistic plan of getting to them from where you are now) a girl with respectable goals in life and for her future.. and a realistic plan on getting there.. is very attractive

    body shape, features? what's with this focus on looks?

    i guess since you're asking..

    again.. PERSONALLY (every guy is different).. I like short petite girls.. full of energy and wild.. never dated a blonde in my life.. I love brunettes.. redheads can be sexy too.. but brunettes are the best.. especially long straight hair coupled with slightly tan skin.. something very warm and european about it.. I don't know how to describe a person's face.. but it's really the sexiest part of a person.. almost like a window into their mind.. who you connect with.. body shape? well.. I've never dated anyone "big" or even "average".. but I do actually prefer girls that are tiny.. no matter how their butt or breasts are.. think of it like the same way you want your guy to be tall.. to feel safe next to him.. well.. I want to feel like it's my baby.. that I can take care of and protect.. I know it sounds primitive.. but w/e.. that's how I feel.. and I can't feel that way around heavier or taller girls.. I personally don't find it feminine BUT everyone's definition of what's feminine or attractive IS different..

    • So, you wouldn't date a tall girl in any circumstance? I guess how it's hard, since it's subconsciously a dominance thing. If you're in a relationship, and the girl is taller than you, you probably will feel that she can pick you up and lay you on the bed, not the other way around.

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    • Hahahaa! I'm not laughing at your preference but at the tenacity of this nekuya person

    • Thanks for being honest and speaking your mind, I girl appreciates it

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  • Personality: self confident, well rounded, someone who is more concerned with being happy and proud of themselves than what anyone else thinks. They're fun to be around because they aren't trying to be anyone but themselves.

    Looks: I tend to like the more natural and pretty look. Not too much make up or a dozen things in every outfit. It is great if she dresses up sometimes and should care about her appearance, but she should look comfortable in her own skin.

    Body shape: Again I like the more natural shape. There should be some curves and a healthy weight, not a stick figure or unhealthy over sized.

    Attitude: confident, positive (this doesn't mean constant ray of sunshine, just a good outlook on things), and fun. Being mature doesn't mean you have to take everything seriously all the time.

    Features: I'm a sucker for dark eyes and a bright smile. I don't like those thin over plucked eyebrows I see a lot. It makes girls look like they are high strung and surprised all the time.

  • I believe that a real personality is actually pretty difficult to sum up. Let's just say that I like girls who have a good sense of humor and is not too clingy, but does want to be around me, just not constantly. I like being wanted, not needed.

    As for looks, of course, everyone wants someone who looks good. Definitely, a girl should always be clean unless rigorous activity has occured. I understand that when mud-wrestling, it is difficult to stay clean. ^_^ However, a girl should know how to take care of her own body. A guy can get really turned-off by a girl who has poor hygiene.

    As for body shape, I like girls who are pretty thin. There is, however, such a thing as too thin. If I have to worry that a slight gust of wind would knock a girl over, then they should start eating some real food. I also really like taller girls. I am 6'5" tall and I have met one girl who was my height and pretty thin. She was really quite attractive in my eyes. Of course, this is only surface judging.

    Her attitude should always be good. She should have self-confidence and be independant. Some guys are scared away from a girl who likes who she is and knows what she wants, but I think that a girl who likes how she looks will complain a lot less then a girl who doesn't like herself very much. As a man, when we are with a girl, we do what we can to let them know we like how they look, and when they say that they hate something about themselves, it usually hurts us too, since we like a girl for her faults too.

    As for her features, she should be well proportioned. Nothing should really stand out about her more than her height. Like I said, I like tall girls. It really doesn't matter what color their hair is, or her eye color. If a girl wants to stand out, then she should try to dress differently. I am into the Goth/Punk look, and I think the look is quite sexxy on a girl.

  • looks can be anything other then emo/punk/goth or any kind of thing that uses excessive make up. body shape can be anything as long as she can stand up and walk without any support.

    attitude um I don't want her to be a ditz

    features um I want her to be able to read and if she can play an insturment then that's a bonus

    and personality being headstrong and stubborn (or a girl with self independence) is fine

    a girl that will talk out an argument with me instead of just saying I don't feel like fighting right now

  • Ooo, a questionnaire! :P

    what kind of personality? cute and bubbly, but intelligent about stuff

    what looks? I love redheads, and never heard a guy say they didnt. Also a cute dresser

    what body shape? nice figure but not too skinny. Kinda short, at least shorter than me

    what attitude? Open about things and always up for a good laugh

    what features? freckles are so cute as well as dimples. small ears are cute too :)

  • Personality: Humour, sweet, comfortable, active, easy going (for me, of some reason like minded girls do more easily caughts my attention)

    Looks: Femminine, sweet, cute

    Body shape: Not too skinny or fat, I really like girls that got curves and shapes, no matter if she's fit or just avarage. I love butts, I'm a assman;) lol

    Attitude: Positive :D

  • ok... the first thing I c is looks something that catches my eye BUT looks only go so far personality and attitude play the nxt big part, someone could b the most beautiful girl in the world but if they are a bitch its a massive turn off what I think is beautiful is a girl that looks after herself, respect other people sense of humor , don't play dumb( I like smart girls), natural ...biggest one personality/attitude

  • personality: calm, yet fun, wacky, funny/ witty

    looks: besides the obvious, hair, eyes, arms (grandma arms are gross!), nice hands (idk why)

    body: she doesn't need to be stacked, but fit with curves, please.

    attitude: non-argumentative, like me

    features: tan skin, around 5'6" is great, smiles for miles, just easy to be with

    • What if she was everything but the tan part? lol

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    • Lol oh okayy :)

    • Ur cute WDGW don't worry plus you have a boyfriend I thought

  • Depends what I am after, if its just for pleasure then I will be shallow and say pretty face, nice body and cute bum.

    If its a relationship then I get to know a girls personality, attitude, faithfulness, honesty, caring, etc.

  • Definitely personality. A can't handle a girl I cannot talk to or want to be around. If you can get along, and talk, it should last a long time.

  • attractive



    lil bit is good

    smart,caring,responsible and decent

    this is my thinking how an ideal girl must be

  • attitude,looks


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