Girls, how can I show off my upper body without looking like a douchebag?

I used to be a fat guy but I've lost over 80 lbs over the past two years. I've also gained a fair amount of muscle and I want to continue getting bigger to attract girls.

My question for girls is this: I want to show off my body, but how can I do it in a way that won't appear narcissistic or off-putting to girls. I know girls like muscles, so I want them to be able to see my arms and the overall shape of my upper body. I don't want to wear really tight shirts because that looks cheesy, so what should I wear?


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  • Certain cuts of t shirts seem to show a little more of a guys body.
    Or when they reach up to get something higher up or that yawn stretch thing, his tee will go up a little and you see a peek of sexy stomach.
    Wear those sweaters with the t shirt material and it sort of shows your biceps.
    When you carry stuff, our eyes automatically go to your arms, so offer to carry stuff lol.

    All these things are really subtle, but give a peek of your muscles and definitely make them stand out. Plus when guys don't just get them out, and you only see subtle hints, it makes you wanna see the full thing even more.

    • ^ This is kinda what I was thinking. I don't want to walk around wearing revealing clothing at all. I just want it to be tight enough to pique girls' interest.

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  • Yeah, you should invest in some "hug" fitting shirts.

    And, about being a "douche" about it: people will assume you are either way.

    I'm a good guy but I get plenty of hate from other guys; apparently, I'm talked about amongst the female population at work.

    People don't work out to hide it. It should be "displayed" somewhat because you've worked for it.

  • Like other girls said, you can show off your nice upper body with a well fitted t shirt. It doesn't ahev to be super tight. Also tanks tops to me still seem a bit douchey unless it's super hot out or you're actually working out at the time.

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    • That would show off Barney's upper body, not mine. Besides, I tried the fat and happy shtick... doesn't work.

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    • You crazy son.

      Apparently you're confusing him for human physiology.

      Clearly any self-respecting expert of dinosaur physiology would be able to tell that, for a T-Rex, Barney is a diesel monster. More machine than rex.

    • Well I'm trying to appeal to human females, so reptilian game won't help me.

  • tank tops, muscle shirts, or even normal shirts with a slightly smaller chest measurement or something.
    go to beaches, all that jazz ^_^

    good job on the weight loss by the way budski!

  • Congrats on the weight loss!

    Yeah like what the guys r saying wear tank tops. Be confident with ur body, u definitely won't look like a douchebag.

  • wear a tank top wherever you go, or go to the beach and take your shirt off.

  • wear shirts that hug your arms

  • Just wear t-shirts i hate guys wearing tanktops

    • I always feel a little silly wearing a tank top, like maybe it's a bit effeminate. IDK, showing off the body is a bit effeminate in general, I guess.

  • Find shirts that fit well. It only looks douchey when they're TOO tight.

  • When you stretch let your shirt come up a bit

  • You cannot. Because you want to show it off like a douchebag to prove that you are awesome. Note: No one knows (or cares) about your miraculous turn-around.


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