What does this saying mean?

"Children should not partake in the listening in this album with laces in their shoes Slim Shady is not responsible for your actions"


"you need to drop some new things, have you ever had shoes without shoe strings?"

Mainly the no shoe laces part, I keep seeing it reoccur in rap lyrics. What does the no show laces signify?


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  • well the first one is pretty much what that other guy said

    the second is kayne trying to be cool. he is talking about

    dress shoes. since now he thinks he has money he thinks

    he dresses good. sneakers and boots have laces. most dress

    shoes don't have, but there's other shoes that have a real little lace


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  • Its a reference to suicide.

    When you go in prison they make you take your laces out for the same reason-case you hang yourself or such like.

    Odd I was just listening to that album,

  • Eminem- Children may hang themselves with shoelaces and Slim Shady doesn't want to be held responsible for that

    Kanye- Kanyeezy designs shoes now, one particular tennis shoe design had no laces, and it was just a line about how Reebok's designs are largely considered played out


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  • In training they would take suicidal peoples boot laces so they didn't hang themselves.

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