I really need some advice on how to attract the ladies... I'm not totally sure what I'm doing wrong...

I'm 19 years old, I'm a little shy but I'm very friendly, I talk to girls and stuff and sometimes at college people will kinda start some small talk a little bit in line with me. I dress a little nicer. I try to keep a more classy look. I don't wear ya know, the ever so popular, "pants around my knees, boxers hanging out, with a cap turned sideways," that seems to be a hit with the ladies nowadays, or have a cocky attitude... :/

But while a lot of people say I have good looks, I just don't seem to connect well with women. I'm very nice and respectful to them.

Idk I just feel like I'm like one of the only guys without a girl that actually cares for me and I've never had a GF. Any advice on how to get a really close female friend or girlfriend? It just looks like so many guys can just go get a girl like its nothing, but I just... it doesn't come easily for me. Like I must be doing something wrong...

I ask a girl to hang out, even a girl I've known for a while and am friends with... That's who I'll usually ask anyways, and they seem to get all paranoid. I mean are the "nice guys" really that appalling? For example, I know girls like to shop, and I'd love to just go out and walk around the mall with a girl I liked. I'd have so much fun, just spending time with her, help her pick out outfits I think would look good on her. It may not be the most exciting activity in the world for me, but to just be with a girl I liked... I'd have a great time no matter what just because of her company. In fact, I'd rather do something like that than go to a party. And I don't smoke/do drugs or drink (i'm underage) anyway. Just doing nothing with a girl I liked sounds amazing.

I just really want some female attention, knowing that someone cares... It seems like so many guys get it and have no problem, but evidently I'm doing something wrong. maybe its my age group? idk. I know I'm a bit different than most guys tho for sure, I'm a bit more sensitive and I'm shy and stay away from stuff I shouldn't be doing.

How can I ever get a decent girl? What should I do?

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now that I think about it... maybe I should have put this in Flirting or Dating. oops! sorry...
I really need some advice on how to attract the ladies... I'm not totally sure what I'm doing wrong...
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