Girls, what do you do to look sexy? Guys, what do you find sexy on a girl?

Girls, what do you do to look sexy? I've always been the cute girl next door kind, but I've never been sexy, I'm just the sweet and cute girl and I like it, I actually prefer it, but sometimes I want to look sexy, like go into a room and turn heads sort of sexy. I want to make guys lust me, from time to time. So all you lucky ladies who are naturally sexy or know how to pull it off, any tips?

Guys, what do you find sexy in a girl? What makes you turn around and look at her?


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  • I find the sweet and cute girl next door types to be sexier than the "sexy" ones. To me, the sexy ones are basically showing off their T&A, which is nothing new and nothing that hasn't been seen before. Pretty much anytime you wear less clothing than is expected in a situation, you will get guys heads to turn. In fact, turning guys' focus on to you is easy.

    My advice is to keep whatever look is most natural to you, but to make sure that you are doing it the best way possible (for example, some jeans manufacturers make jeans that look great and others make jeans that don't look great - pick the ones that fit your frame). And then keep in mind that in addition to basic appearance, guys' attention can also be hooked by movement and angles. Very, very few of us can fail to notice a woman leaning forward wearing a v-necked sweater or shirt.

    • I agree, I like my look, is just something different from time to time is nice. Besides I'm used to having my friends get all the attention, but oh well, thanks it's great advice.

    • Absolutely agree. Emphasizing your personal, natural look is the best way.

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  • It's a tease to make us lust really bad sexual thoughts but whatever. What makes me turn my head? That long sexy silky hair, and great body (boobs, luscious legs and feet), also, a great skirt or something and a nice tan. That sort of stuff will have me thinking any erotic fantasy you can think of ( I wouldn't advise you to do so though). So yeah that's hot, but if you do so, prepare to have guys get really horny when they're around you, and doing something at night to the thought of you lol.

    • Lmao, ok then, thanks. =)

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  • i just try to wear something current that is a little revealing. get my hair done nice and my make up done well.

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