Keune or garnier? Which one is better?

I have keune shade light choco brown 5.35 And garnier shade light golden brown.5.3 Which company is better, also i want light colour on my hair. I am doing it only on tips not on the roots. Would it turn white?


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  • I'm not very knowledgable in the subject (so take everything I say with caution), but since you haven't had anyone help yet I'll try my best. I did some research on Google...

    Someone asking if keune is any good. General consensus is that people really seem to love it. There wasn't one negative post on it that I could find.

    Meanwhile, I've looked at various reviews of Garnier products and people have mixed reviews. Specifically some said the shade wasn't what they imagined it to be for their products. It was either some shades lighter or darker -- the package was incorrect looking. Since multiple people were saying this...
    and since you seem to be looking for a specific color with not much breathing room, I suggest Keune. Keune seems to be pretty reputable and I couldn't find anything bad on them.
    Also, I am a bit confused in what you mean by turning white. It is difficult for me to answer it without knowing what you meant. Were you saying that you are worried the dye will ruin your hair or something?

    • Yes i mean would it ruin it or change that strand to white later on after some months?

  • I'm with @dangerDoge on this one, Keune is from what I've heard, a much more reputable brand that more are satisfied with as opposed to Garnier which does, like @dangerDoge mentioned, people do have their ups and downs with. I don't have any personal experience with either but based on what I've heard and read I'd have to say Keune. Garnier has quite a renowned reputation however having it and living up to it are two different things and it is often a miss on Garnier's part with certain products.

    With the white you mentioned, I'm also not sure what you mean by that. Do you mean would the tips would turn white after a while or?


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