My boyfriend always changes his mind & it seems like he doesn't love me anymore?

My boyfriend Nathan always changes his mind,he says I can come over or we can go to the movies or we can go out to dinner then last minute he cancels and says he is sorry but he has to do "family stuff" and then I find out he has just gone to a friends house and he has lied to me, also before we went out everyday he called me beautiful or gorgeous or hot or sexy he always complimented me but since we've been going out it's like he feels like he doesn't have to talk to ke anymore,it feels like he is just going out with me to say to his mated "guess what?,I'm going out with masckara birch" I feel like a piece of gum on his shoe useless but something he can be bothered getting rid of,

so I ask you all, does he still love me? Or am I overreacting? Should I give him space?dump him?love him and except him for who he is?


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  • He obviously has no respect for you. You need to dump him straight out. If you attempt to talk it out with him when he has made it clear that he does not want to communicate with you about his feelings then you risk him getting angry and abusive which will do nothing for your confidence.

    For the record this guy is a fool.

    • Ithink I'm two late....he sent me txt byyyy...forever

    • WTF? As I said the guy is a fool. What a coward. Can't even dump you to your face and give you a valid reason. This guy is the biggest loser and you are better off without him.

      Ah Bless you! I'm am really sorry to hear that you found this Joker. Give yourself time to reflect and heal then get back on the Dating Ship!!! You'll find that there are some really nice Guys out there who are fun and respect you totally.

      Good Luck!

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  • the guy is waiting for you to dump him. Dump him, seriously.

  • Dumppppppp

    • Should I do it strait out or talk with him, because I've tried to talk but he doesn't like to talk about feelings.....

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