Do they make women's Yoga pants with belt loops?

I saw some women jogging and doing stretches and one was wearing tight, skinny cut black pants that I assume were Yoga pants, but she was wearing a regular belt with them. Up until now I never heard these existed. Are there yoga pants with belt loops, possibly made so they can also be worn at work?

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  • It was probably her own "style". Yoga pants are comfy and already have a stretchy waistband that form to your figure so you don't need a belt to hold them up. Quite honestly yoga pants with belts is verrrrrry weird, especially during exercise. I can only imagine how uncomfortable that is.

    • I found them, apparently they are quite popular and I asked a girl who had them on with a belt and she said she wore them for work and just changed her shirt so she went running after and it's not uncomfortable without it they would slide and be horrible for running.

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    • I meant they are horrible for running if they keep sliding down. They don't always stay up, big thighs and small waisted girls have trouble and this causes the pants to not for right as they size up just to get their thighs in. With the belted yoga pants that isn't an issue anymore.

    • Well, every girl is different but coming from a girl who has big thighs and a small waist, and who wears yoga pants every week... Yoga pants form with your body. They're also stretchy so there isn't an issue with having to "squeeze" into them. They will literally form with your body. The belt loops are literally just so you can wear them to work without getting into trouble; it makes them look like slacks.

  • Never seen them. If they did make them with belt loops, I would wear them

    • Found it! They are for exercise and double as work clothing! Belt loops are so they are worn with a belt for dress code and for women in between sizes when running so the pants don't slide down that would be bad while jogging! I asked a girl wearing them and this is what she said

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    • It was a regular black leather belt, but she had a workout shirt (almost like a tank top) on that was short enough untucked to show the belt (but not her belly) and running shoes on and she had a sports watch on to time herself. The pants are fairly new on the market so Mabye the style hasn't caught on all around the US yet. By the way I sent you a PM!

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  • I haven't seen any before in my life, and I don't think I'd want to. That sounds awful!


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