Why do girls wear short tight shorts (spanx) when playing volleyball?

Title basically sums it up.
And if they allow girls to move better or other athletic reasons then why don't girls wear skin tight very short shorts when playing basketball or soccer. Both sports involve similar movements.
Or why don't guys wear them? They don't have any issues with longer loose shorts.

Don't get me wrong. They look great on the girls. Very short and make their asses look good.
But now that's sexism and degrading to women and many of the girls wearing these are underage.

And this doesn't apply just to volleyball even tho it is the sport most commonly used as the example. Sports such as gymnastics and even dance possibly could be the same argument.

So lets hear your opinions?

  • They're unnecessary
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  • For athletic reasons
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  • Just to look good/sexy
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  • Society image of women
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  • Combination of functionality and looking good
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  • Easy to move in light wieght draws moisture form the body dry quick look hot function well for alsorts of of sports not jist volleyball.

    • So basically there's a functionality side to it as well as basically cause they're short and your ass looks good

  • i can speak for gymnastics, it's meant to be so that your clothing doesn't get in the way of a perfect landing.

    • Ok so valid reasoning for tight fitting... But what about length... Current shorts barely cover the girls ass

    • for gymnastics? they wear sleeveless leotards and shorts to make it more pg, that's been standard gymnast clothes [both male and female] forever.

      i personally like wearing short shorts, the breeze feels nice

  • It allows girls to squat so they can hit the ball (the volleyball term is dig the ball). Girls don't need to do this movement in other sports so having short shorts in soccer and basketball is unnecessary


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What Guys Said 5

  • Would u watch it if they wore long trousers?

  • Chicks in my school play it in PJs baha idek how I got stuck in these geeds

  • Because 🍑

  • So when they slide on the ground their shorts don't slide with them.

    They don't fall too

    It's like asking why does a wrestler wear a singlet (know from experience)

  • Doesn't bother me. A free view is always nice 😂