How do you wear (eye) makeup with eyelid glue?

A lot of Asians use eyelid tapes and glues to make it appear as if they had double eyelids. If you do use eyelid tape/glue, do you put foundation on your face just except the eyes? How do you get eyeshadow on your eyelids without the tape/glue looking strange and/or falling off?


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  • Yes, you'll have to put foundation on the eyes too. Best is if you are using power foundation. Just tap it lightly on the eyelid tape and smooth over with a flat brush.
    With regards to eyelid tape, use matte skin-colored ones. So when you apply eye shadow, it will not stand out. When applying eye shadow, you can apply with fluffy/flat brush. Just make sure to go over the eyelid tape lightly.


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  • I've seen them in the beauty stores in Japan and always wondered how they work, no idea but I could imagine you'd have to apply them on clean, bare skin for them to stick best?

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