How Can I Become Hot?

I need a step-by-step tutorial to go from an average 5 to a Hot 10.

I don't get a lot of attention from guys. I'm really shy, I study a lot and I don't think I am cute. I wanna be hot because then I will feel good about myself and get more attention. The question is: what should I do? I was kind of a tomboy growing up so I never got that girly stuff down lol


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  • I hate vague answers so I'm gonna be totally honest.

    1. Wear clothes that flatter you. DON'T wear baggy sweatshirts that hide curves or, on the flip side, stuff that's too tight and shows fat rolls. Girls look hot when their clothes show off curves but leave a lot to the imagination.

    2. High Heels and Knee High Boots are sexy as hell. Especially black leather boots with a skirt.

    3. I've got 3 sisters and I'll say there is a difference with and without make up. (they are on the site too so I'm being anonymous) People who suggest not wearing any don't see a lot of girls without any (in my opinion). No offense but without color, women look plain and they don't stand out in a crowd. So maybe dark lipstick or something, gray eye shadow? I don't know specifics but I love watching women put red or dark pink lipstick on. HOT!

    4. Clear skin. Get rid of acne. Occasional flaws on your face are totally fine and everybody gets them but if zits are more noticeable than the rest of your face, that's bad. Get some acne solving face wash and stuff like that.

    5. White teeth. Smile a lot with white teeth and it's like a beam, a beacon for guys to come talk to you. Laugh loudly with your group of friends to get noticed.

    My sisters spend at least 30 minutes getting ready and sometimes an hour if it's for a date or something. It's amazing how hard you girls work to look hot. But, I can tell ya, we appreciate it!


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  • Jarett is's very individualized, so it's impossible to say without seeing you specifically. Getting a new hair style can often give a fresh new look to girls, so that's something to consider. Another thing to consider is your attitude: being confident and outgoing is far more attractive than insecure girls.

  • If you think you're ugly, then I think you're ugly

    If have faith in your own looks, that helps quite a bit

    If there's a guy you like, ask him out!

    Also, DO NOT wear excessive make-up, if any at all

    Work out, get some muscles (but not bodybuilder-type; that's too much, even for a guy)

    There's a bazillion fashion tips everywhere; browse thru them and then develop your own sense of style

    then, get back to me ;)

  • First off, you need pics. How can we give you advice if we don't have a starting place?

    Are you skinny? overweight? Do you have short hair? long hair? lol we need some pics hun!


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  • Why not ask your friends to help you? They know you best! Tell them you think it's time for a style change and you just want to dress more girly so go shopping with them and let them help you pick some outfits. Head into a make up shop like MAC and ask for an every day make up make over. You can work on your "night on the town" make up from there. Start going to the gym and tone up, eat healthily and try out a new hair style maybe colour your hair or get a side fringe? Pick out celebs that you think are "hotties" and use them as role models to help you see what sort of style you are trying to achieve as one person's perception of hot is different from another ones, and mostly just be happy with yourself helps loads! :) xxxxxxx

  • If you're tryin to get in touch with your feminine side (don't know if I spelled that right. Lol) I would suggest readin cosmo girl ,seventeen ,and the female bible "Cosmopolitan". Get a makeover, they tend to make you feel more confident because you you think you look good. And guys are going to think what you think of yourself so if you think you're ugly, that's what they'll think if you have a lot of confidence then they'll wanna take the time to see what's causing it and get to know you