Mistaking friendliness for attraction?

Women, what exactly is the difference between the two, because obviously I can't tell the difference. I think a girl is being friendly most of the time, then once people tell me she is probably interested it just blows up in my face


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  • As jasper said don't listen to your friends, because chances are your are right...


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  • Friendliness is what sounds like, being friendly. Attraction usually involves being a little too friendly, paying a little extra attention, and a lot more rapport.

    • The thing is some people are just bubbly. And a lot more rapport puts you in the 'friend zone'.

    • Chicks that like me try to connect with me as best as they can, which includes establishing a good rapport with me. You should just be confident and assume that the girl likes you. Rejection is better than regret and there's no better way of learning something than experiencing it first hand.

  • I feel the same way friend. I'm looking forward to an answer to this. What I've learned so far if it helps is to not listen to my friends and go with my gut or instinct.