Why do guys look at girls with a straight face?

this guy I really like will come out of math as I'm coming out of English and just stare at me with a straight face I have no clue what to do or what it mens... please help


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  • Based on myself, what it usually means is:

    "I really like you and want to approach but I'm afraid if I show any signs of wanting to talk to you, you'll freak and run away so instead I'll look at you expressionless and hope you'll show me some sign, like smiling, that means that it's okay for me to approach."


    "oh sht she's here! So pretty! *frozen in fear*"

    We're complex creatures. ;)

    Generally, he wants to approach but doesn't want you to think he's creepy by doing so. What you have to do (if you want him to come up to you) is to give him a warm, friendly smile or do something that hints that you want him to come over.

    But I could be wrong. Maybe he knows you like him and wants to see what you're gonna do. Or maybe he thinks you're weird. Ya never know. d: Smiling is generally a good idea. Even if it turns out he's not interested, it's a good move because it's you can shrug it off as something innocuous.

    • I have a similar situation. He thinks I like him, and he once looked at me for more than eight seconds with a serious face and he also has his hand through his hair. I also noticed he raised his eyebrows when he looked at me. What could that possibly mean? When he stopped looking at me, he let out a small sigh and continued working. I looked up and noticed him still staring at me even when I looked at him, twice! I looked up, then looked down, and after a few seconds I looked up again, still noticing him staring at me. Do you think he knows I like him and is playing me? He only does that when no one is sitting next to me in class.

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  • Don't know about your guy but I often don't really bother wearing any facial expression when I'm not in a conversation with someone. I suppose this quality is likely to correlate with sucking really bad at flirting lol.


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  • HAHAHAAH. this is normal. I don't kno why guys do it either but a lot do. nd I think that's there way of flirting. in my opinion. its kind of like a middle school or high school thing to do though.