Why do guys assume beautiful women are all taken?

Some of them are single as guys are intimidated or assume they'll get shot down. If you never try how will you know?

I've seen guys look at some women like their aliens, when there human too. You can say hi lol. Why is it they looked startled too and there mouth opens a bit, are guys amazed by a womans beauty?

I reckon average looking girls have it easier as guys aren't afraid of them and will be themselves around them. With hot women a loud chatty guy becomes stoked and stumbles on his words.

I find it cute if guys are like that but I hate that a guy says she's out of my league. That's bs in my opinion. We all have a lot to offer even if we aren't oil paintings.

You'll find most hot ladies date ugly men. Ones who are insecure anyway.

I generally have a straight face day to day. Guys who are attracted to me say to smile and I find it irritating. What if I've had a bad day lol. I guess a guy loves a girls smile.

I'm single an I've dated jerks. Only one was hot. An the others were ugly, but I went for personality. A guy who made me laugh. I don't want a perfect guy. I do like looking at handsome men, but they usually don't have a good warm heart or the right intention. I like middle guys, a bit handsome, funny, nice smile, caring etc. That matters more. How they treat me.
Why do guys assume beautiful women are all taken?
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