Why do guys act intrested than avoid you?

To start I am 20 years old, and in college. I also work in a dinning hall. There is this guy who is 33. He seems to have liked me. He would go out of his way to help me out. Would go out of his way to see me, even knew where I worked every shift ( One time I said hope he has a good week and he said that "I'll see you on Saturday" . He also would stare at me whenever he saw a glimpse of me.
Now I might be oblivious, but at first I thought he was just being friendly. After winter break he saw me his face seemed to brighten up.
Well I have been going through a lot of shit because of family stuff. So I have been on edge, and he seems to avoid me now. I actually some what miss all of his attention.
So I was talking to eviee ( mutual friend) about how I think our mutual friend swiped right on me on tinder. He said it would not shock him and started laughing quite loudly. Does this mean he actually likes me and so why is he avoiding me/ why didn't he ask me out all last semester.

-I asked him him if he could help me find something in the back and it ended up being a huge box. So I told him thank you and that I was going to get a cart, he said no need and lifted it with no problem. Then one of the other guys in the back looked at me and wolf whistled at him.
-a customer was staring at my ass one day when I was cleaning the shelves on the grill and he seemed like he was glaring at the perv.
-He was at my station one day and one of the new girls was flirting with him. He was looking straight at me and smiling. I thought nothing of it at the time and rolled my eyes
-We also were cooking together at one time and I hate working with grease because oil burns, I mentioned that and he said that he wouldn't let that happen and smiled. At this point I thought he was just being nice.
-I tried flirting with him before, but I think it just came out as joking. Seeing as I can be a snarky bitch at times.
Why do guys act intrested than avoid you?
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