How to convince my mom to let me wear certain clothes?

So my family is a Muslim and they are kinda strict. Since I'm the oldest of my 3 other siblings I have to be perfect and be a good role model. They want me (In the future) to wear a scarf everywhere. They also want me to wear long t-shirts to cover my butt. Like it's not like someone is gonna rape me. She wants me to wear maxi skirts. And my mom won't let me wear dresses knee length? My mom wears these Indian like dresses but isn't them both nearly the same thing but with leggings? I know she is trying to protect me but I don't wear crop tops or shorts... So can you give me ideas on how to convince her?


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  • You may just have to wait until college to wear what you want, like I did.
    I feel that if wearing your scarf is a part of your faith and you still want to stick to that faith, get a few kinds that you really like and rock it! I've seen some gorgeous ones as well as girls who make awesome outfits with them.
    As for clothing, throughout high school, I wore my vintage Levi's "mom jeans" with Dr. Martens, a tank top and an open oversized flannel with my hair in a messy bun. I was in a fortunate time where the grunge look was coming back and I was considered stylish, but the reality was that I couldn't really leave the house in much else without being sent back to my room to change. So I just took it in, did my fashion research, did the best with what I had, and put my paisley hippie dresses and Bohemian jumpsuits in my bag before moving into my college dorm. When I'm in college, I wear what I want--I don't like booty shorts and bra-tops either, but am really into 60's/70's hippie clothing. When visiting the parents, I dress more conservatively, just to respect their comfort zone--they are helping me to pay for college, after all. And when I'm truly out on my own, I can do whatever.

    • And I am also the oldest child, and I'm spite of my different fashion tastes, am still leading a good example. I'm a mentor for college Freshmen at a prestigious university, make awesome grades, and am studying to become a scientist.

    • Thank you for your reply :) I really appreciate it

    • No problem! Best wishes ❤️

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