Skinny Men vs Chunky Men?

I know that both types of men can find someone who will appreciate them, I just wondering if women tend to find a certain type more attractive, or is there no preference.
What are your thoughts? Skinny Men vs Chunky Men?


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  • Every woman's preference is different. I personally love bigger guys. Not obese, but nice and stocky/thick (I find a little bit of tummy pretty cute).

    • What about chunkier men just make you more happy in general? Do they tend to be nicer, or more loving?

    • They're generally nicer and happier from my experience. Cuddling is more fun with them too. I also just like how bigger guys look.
      Plus, it's nice to know I can eat with my man, lol.

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  • I wouldn't say that guy is proper skinny, looks like he has some muscle about him

    • It was mostly just to show off a chunkier guy next to a leaner/skinny guy to give an idea, do you think a skinny/lean person can get more attention then someone who wasn't?

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    • Yeah but so long as they're not just straight up fat. Thicc so they've got the hourglass thing but I'm not a fan of bellies

    • I can understand, it shows that she cares about her body and takes care of herself. So it'd show off not just a good physic, but good self care as well.

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