Do men look into a women's eyes/stare at them a lot, if they don't like them?

i used to like this guy a lot, he would always look into my eyes and stare at me whenever he saw me and would even be nervous and blush sometimes. But when I asked him out, he said he's busy and maybe some other time. Why does he keep looking if he doesn't like me? =(


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  • Its mostly shy guys I know of that constantly stare or repeatedly glance at a girl they like. Have you only asked him once? Maybe he actually was busy.

    It may also have been too much of a "step", if he is shy. Did you just ask him to hang out, or did you ask him to the movies or something?

    • I asked him to hang out and no he never brought it up again, so I kinda felt rejected and backed away because I didn't want to get hurt anymore, awhile that he continued to look at me and continue the stare-downs, and I didn't look back anymore and wanted to be left alone, and he came up to me to talk a few times, but it didn't go much anywhere, he didn't put his hand out for me. I just don't understand how he really felt about me. I guess I should move on. =/

  • Because he likes you, but was busy at that time. Try it again.


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