Can I use a color remover on my hair and THEN bleach it?

I used to have my hair blue. Then I dyed it black. This was about a month and a half ago. I want to go back to blue hair. Right now, my hair has since faded a bit from the black hair. Yes, a majority is still black but I have some parts and streaks of a medium brown color. I bought L'Oréal Quick Blue bleach. It says it lifts up to 7 levels. But I'm not sure it'll get me to the blonde that I need to dye it blue. So I was thinking maybe I can use a hair color remover (which, yes. I know also includes bleach) and then use the Quick Blue with a 30 developer. Would I work?

As as far as the condition of my hair, it's healthy. Really soft. I deep condition my hair twice a week. And back when I had it blue, I deep conditioned four times a week. Plus, the dye I use is from Artic Fox which has conditioner in it already.


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  • You shouldn't need a color remover if it's just black/ brown. I tried going from red/burgundy to blonde with the dye and it just lifted the red to a fireball color but when I did a test with some hair I pulled from my comb, the hair eventually turned light brown then blonde. My hair is mostly some type of brown mixture now and I plan on bleaching my hair again soon to get it blonde so if you don't use the remover, let me know how it turns out

  • Yep, that's what my hair stylist did for my hair too, since I also used to dye it black and wanted to change to purple. It took quite a while to get rid of the black dye and lighten the color though, even with bleach.


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