What do you think of white girls with fake dreads?

I've been wanting to try them for a long time and I'm finally getting to, this Christmas my parents are going to buy me a set of synthetic dreads. My only thing is I don't know how others will react? I have naturally brown hair, the is currently blonde, which we will be dying black to match the dreads I picked out (black for about 7 inches and then the rest white). I'm clearly ready for people saying they just don't like it? I've been colouring my hair and doing crazy styles since I was 12, but this is something where I have to worry about racial tension as well?


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  • I don't see why you're getting fake ones but I think dreads look great! I prefer them on guys but this pic is nice, anyway this is about what YOU want :)


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  • Why worry about racial tensions when whites have been using dreads for centuries? Vikings used them and they didn't even know about the existence of black people. Stop buying the bullshit that dreads are a black thing, they're not.

    That being said, dreads are ugly.

    • No one said I was buying into it. That doesn't mean I shouldn't be worried that I'll get hurt for wearing them, being as I live in Dallas

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    • @JDavid25 I wasn't in America during 1776 but I still know that's when the US signed their independence. I also wasn't "there" during the first half of the 1940's and I still know there was a World War. Just because I wasn't "there" doesn't mean I don't know it happened, because people documented stuff, that's how we know about events in history.
      You weren't "there" when the first dreads were invented, so how do you know it was black people that invented it? It could have been white people who then passed that to black people, right? According to your logic.

      There wwre LOTS of black people who traveled to Europe, but that was mostly the South. Up in the Vikings territory that didn't happen, at least not during the first years of their existence as a civilization.

      Then look at the proof lol google is a good friend

    • LOL.. I'm not talkin about main events, that's a given... There's proof for those.. I'm talkin about the detailed events.. We only know the gist of situations with some details.. We don't know all of what happened in the past.. For all we know some Vikings could have mated with some Africans.. And, the first dreads were probably invented long before recorded history, but I know that the name was invented by "Indians" Hindus to be exact.. Well see we got some info.. I'm sure some Vikings ran into one African.. haha.. And I've look on Google.. LOL.. But thanks.. I guess I continue to expand my search..

  • I don't understand the folks who get angry that "White" people wear dreads. Get over it. I think it can look very pretty on women. I am not much of a judge when it comes to males, but I am sure women think they look good.

    I would like to have a conversation with the folks who disagree. Because being African-American, I know a bit about our history. And truthfully "Black" people have borrowed, stolen, etc. a lot from European or "White" American Culture. And that is fine, because there is always bleeding and blurring when it comes to cultures that are mixing. The weird thing about "Black" people is that we traditionally have been fighting for entrance into "White" society. Historically, we have wanted to change this societies cultural norms, etc. It isn't right or wrong. It just is. It changes us, we change it.

    But when it comes to other cultures that are much more distinctive, like American Indian cultures, Asian cultures, or even traditional African ones, etc. then I think issues like cultural theft become legit. "Black" people had their culture ripped away from them during slavery. They developed one here from what they could remember from Africa and from what they learned in America, hence the name African-American Culture.

    But other cultures can make the case wanting to preserve norms, styles or traditions unique to their societies.

    It is just that here in America where we are becoming this mish-mash superculture, I don't think that case can be made successfully.

    • Also dreads also existed in Europe long ago, the vikings had them.

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    • No its cuz if a white women does its exotic but if a black person does its inappropriate for the work place.

      Same with a black girl rapping but you put white girl omg a white person doing it.

    • But thw hole culture vuktyew thing is dumb cuz wu tang stole Asian culture

  • I think people with dreadlocks smell bad because they never wash their nasty hair.

    I don't think it matters what race they are, I've never seen good-looking dreadlocks on anyone, ever.

    My poop looks like that. Your hair looks like my poop. You look like you've got 30 turds dangling off your head.

  • What do I think? I mean anyone can wear any hair style there should be no limit. And if people actually knew where the dreads originated from they were actually first invented by the greeks. Look up how many greek women wear that hair style and look at the mueseums not to mention this information is out online on every source.

  • It makes me think she's done time. Which only raises more questions. Add in that tattoo and nose ring, and I'm beginning to think she is nothing but trouble. However, I will still give her the chance to prove otherwise. Even so, she wouldn't jump to the top of my prospect list. The dreads look very Bob Marley, and anyone doing that much weed is usually trouble incarnate.

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  • As a black girl, I don't see it as appropriation. If you like something of a different culture and choose to wear it/make it a part of your life, by all means. It's a compliment to that culture, if anything. Personally though, I think it looks gross on people with straighter hair.

  • why does your skin colour matter when it comes to your hairstyle?
    personally I think the hairdo is kinda messy but it doesn't necessarily look bad. I mean looking at some of the "trendy" hairdos these days, this one isn't too bad.. also, since they're fake you can just take em off if you don't feel like it so what's the big deal?
    p. s. it's cool how you're trying out different things. it's like you're figuring out your unique style. have fun

  • Fake dreads? why the hell would you get fake. If you want them just dont brush out your hair for a few months, wash it just dont brush.

    • That's not even how you get real dreads though? It's a lot more involved and you still have to separate your hair and back comb it. Plus I don't want it to be permanent. I enjoy changing my hair too much

  • I think dreads look cool- especially in this photo you posted. However, I have to say that I do associate being dirty with them. The idea of them is kinda gross since you're knotting up your hair and can't was them well.
    The hair not in the dreads can get knappy too.
    I've never heard of fake dreads. Might as well try them and see how you like them beforehand.

    If you end up liking them-go for it. The right guy will also think they're cool or may not be so judgmental.

  • I'm personly more into the wool dreadlocks. Just do your check on the history of black culture and hair so if anyone says anything you will be ready to defend why you have dreadlocks... you know because we have white privileges and all that. But no, dreadlocks are badass and you get compliments every where you go.

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