What do you think about biracial girls who tend to hate themselves? Unattractive?

Biracial people who are mixed with black tend to have self hate issues. Based on what I've seen ,when a biracial person hates themselves, they are usually either half Asian or half black. Like they have one Asian parent and one white parent or one black parent and one _______ *insert ethnicity there* parent. This post was actually inspired by two female biracial users here who are notorious for going around and subliminally or outright calling African features ugly although they have African ancestry.

My thoughts? I think it's pathetic. A female like that is going to make a piss poor mother figure because she doesn't even know how to love herself and she's ignorant. She will most likely be teaching her children ignorance therefore contributing something ugly to humanity no matter how whitened up she is, wishes she is, or likes to believe she is. If I was a dude, I'd be unattracted because who tf wants a knock-off version of a white girl? lol What guy really wants to be the one to put up with some in denial biracial girl who tells herself that she's light skinned, even if her skin tone is much darker compared to non-black people?

In general, I think these type of females are a disgrace to humanity. They are the true issues with the world and it's not because of their physical features. It's because of what they contribute to society. They can't get their sh*t together mentally and it's apart of a domino effect that leads to an effed up society and a black community that's falling apart.

Your thoughts? What is your opinion on biracial females and males who hate themselves and belittle African ancestral features to feel better about their own painful insecurities?

What do you think about biracial girls who tend to hate themselves? Unattractive?
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