Is it ok to wear a beret indoors?

I know the etiquette for boys.
But, for a girl, is it inappropriate to wear a beret in the classroom for example?
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  • I think it’s fine for a girl to wear a beret indoors.


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  • I'm indifferent about if people wearing hats indoor is impolite or not. I think it's up to the person who own the house who have guests, school etc. to decide the rule. It's not a so big deal. But if it's a rule it should apply equal to both genders and all kinds of head wear regardless if it's religiously or not. A head wear is a head wear. The only exception should be if there's any medical reasons.

  • In my country you are not allowed to wear even girls and boys

  • If you are a soldier, yes. Otherwise, no.

    • Nah man, she's a girl scout. She needs to keep pushing those cookies onto the streets or her den mother is going to take her for permanent camping trip in the woods 😂

    • Fair enough.

    • And if it's the national army day?

  • Why should it matter male or female?

    • 'Cause boys mustn't keep their hats on indoors

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    • Yeah, I know. Anyway, nowadays, both men or women are allowed to wear a hat whenever they want.
      I was asking particulary about girls 'cause I don't care about how the boys wear a hat.

    • I don't see to many of those hats anyway so if it looks good on you then rock it

  • Beret? What's it?


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