Girls, does it feel too exposing to wear a skirt/dress above the knees?

So as a guy, I don't really have much personal experience with skirts/dresses.

But using my own sense, I could imagine that skirts/dresses knee length perfectly or longer would be fine to wear... but that if it goes above the knee and most of your legs are showing as opposed to being covered up, it's too revealing.

From below the knee to above the knee, the flash chance is a lot higher. If it's below the knee, you're all safely covered up. But if it's above the knee, and your underwear is on the same height level as your bare knees... then it's a bit more risky.

I guess that you can argue that if you just use common sense and sit correctly there's no need to worry about it. But even then... doesn't it bother you that your kneecaps and a bit above are all bare with no fabric covering them; with a loose, open garment, that just merely wraps around your waist, and you have to watch the way you sit or you'll flash? Doesn't that bother you?

My own girlfriend doesn't get what I'm saying. In fact, she refuses to buy a skirt/dress unless
it goes above her knees a bit. Pretty much the opposite of me, lmao.

She says she really doesn't relate to what I'm saying, and that she doesn't mind if a skirt/dress shows a little leg. She likes the look, and she says it's a lot more comfortable than the longer ones, especially since we're in Florida. She says that all you gotta do is sit like a lady, and there'll be no problem.

But my girlfriend is just one girl... and she's admittedly sort of an oddball. Hint hint, she waxes her arms.

So I'm just wondering what most girls generally think. What do you girls think? Does it bother you if a skirt/dress shows a lot of leg and goes above the knees? Or do you not mind it?


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  • It doesn’t bother me. My knee caps aren’t sexual. I know how to sit in a skirt so you won’t see anything without doing hardcore ninja maneuvers.

    If someone thinks it’s too revealing they don’t have to look at me.

    • "My knee caps aren’t sexual." True... some people are still not comfortable with their knees showing, though. But different people, different comfort levels.

      "I know how to sit in a skirt so you won’t see anything without doing hardcore ninja maneuvers." Haha, that made me laugh. True.

      "If someone thinks it’s too revealing they don’t have to look at me." Also very true.

      Overall, I just simply agree with you.

      And off topic, but I think you look really good in your profile pic. Your hair and makeup looks nice, your skin looks clear, and just in general, your facial features are really pretty. Not flirting, just appreciating something beautiful when I see it.

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    • No problem, I was just saying the truth 😉

    • Also, Most Helpful response goes to you.

      Your response was just simply the best. You explained things in a logical and reasonable way; if you know how to sit there'll be no problem, and if someone doesn't like your skirt/dress they can just not look at you... and you also provided a bit of comedy with the "hardcore ninja maneuvers" thing, lol.

      Congrats, you gave a great response, so here is your award 😊

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  • Not a big problem. I wear a skirt or dress daily. Most hit the knee or slightly above. Has to be somewhat modest because of work. However, going out at night , I might go for something shorter, maybe mid thigh. You just have to be careful and know how to sit, etc.

    • Yeah, that sounds reasonable. Just be careful, and you'll be fine.

  • Most woman that wear skirts know how to wear and sit in them correctly so it's no big deal. Yes ones above the knee are less restrictive and more comfortable.
    Also If I happen to flash someone chances are it wasn't an accident 😉

    • Yeah, I can see that. I've personally never worn skirts/dresses in my life, as a straight guy... so if I turned into a girl randomly tomorrow, skirts/dresses would be a bit intimidating at first, and take some getting used to...

      But women who are used to wearing skirts/dresses and have been for a long time? Yeah, it's not a big deal to them. They're already used to it.

      And yeah, assuming the weather is hot like in Florida, clothing that shows more skin is usually always more comfortable. Shorts > pants, and shorter skirts/dresses > longer ones here in Florida. Fresh wind and sunshine on the skin feels good.

      And about that last sentence... just what can I say... sexy, heh, heh... you little perv. As a straight guy, I can confirm that if a girl I was dating flashed me on purpose, it'd be a turn on.

      My own girlfriend doesn't do it. Unless we're in bed in specific (then she's a huge perv), she's more of the innocent type.

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    • Lmao, that's actually a really funny thing to say... because it's so fucking true, lol. Though I'm used to having a dick/balls, those things are still problems every once in a while. Sit down too quick when you're in a hurry... zip up too quick when you're in a hurry... ouch... you girls are lucky in this case.

      And yeah, that's true. As you get older you do indeed get more comfortable with yourself.

      When you're young, you're a bit too insecure and self-conscious, and you're worried about every little thing in which could be a flaw (some of which aren't even flaws... I have a friend with a few freckles on her face which look super cute on her, but she hated them when she was younger), and you feel others will judge you, etc.

      But when you get old enough to know better... you realize that's all completely and total BULLSHIT. There's nothing wrong with you or your body after all.

      Wear clothes that show more skin if you feel they're comfortable. There's nothing wrong with your body.

    • And that about Florida is indeed true, haha.

  • I wear skirts/dresses above the knee during summer and spring. However, during winter I avoid them because it's way too cold here, even when I wear them with tights.

    • That makes sense. You're just basically dressing 100% appropriate for the weather... lol. In the spring/summer you show more skin, but in the fall/winter you cover up.

  • My usual deal is long ankle length or maxi skirts. When I do wear skirts above the knee--actually more in cooler weather--I wear boots, so only my knees and a bit of thigh are showing.

    • That makes a lot of sense, actually. The skirt/dress itself is short, but since you're wearing boots, it looks longer since there's less leg.

  • I always wear my skirts and dresses about my knee. My min skirts and dresses are between my knee and hips closer to my hips

    • Well judging by your profile picture, you don't mind wearing a dress that doesn't even cover your crotch, and shows your underwear. So I doubt indecent exposure bothers you very much, lol.

  • I think it looks good on other people but I'm not used to wearing it. It's annoying having to think is everithing is covered all the time.

    • You get my concerns on this, lol.

      I agree. I imagine it'd be pretty hard to have to sit normal or cross legged all the time just to keep everything covered.

  • It's probably a good thing she's the girl and you aren't.

    • True, lol.

      Plus, I'd imagine she'd have an easier time as a guy than I'd have as a girl.

    • Oh, I doubt it.

  • Doesn't bother me, but I do not wear skirts or dresses that often

    • Yeah, if I was a woman, even if I did get into wearing skirts/dresses, I can't see me wearing them everyday.

      Pants/jeans/shorts are overall just simply more practical most of the time.

  • Only if it’s windy.

    • Yeah, that I can imagine as being an obvious problem. If it's one of the tight types, though, the wind is no longer a concern. Wind is only a problem to the flow types.

  • It doesn't bother me

    • Me either! As long as I have nice legs...

    • Simple answer, but that says what it needs to. We are all bothered by different things. For some it might be too short, for some it might be the perfect/ideal length. Some people may be self conscious that their legs show, others may not give it a second thought.

      Also, a bit off topic, and not trying to hit on you or anything... but just as a casual compliment, you're REALLY pretty. Your golden blonde hair looks really nice and stylish, I love your baby blue eyes, and your flawless white smile is the best part. And I usually don't like red lipstick on women, but on you it actually looks great. It helps accentuate your white smile.

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