Why do girls look down or look away?

I work with electricity so most of the time I wear a hard hat, but there's girls around me all the time at work. Every time I'm at work I see very attractive girls but when I look some look over then when I look over they look away, or some don't even look they and they look down or some do look. Then today I got checked out right in front of me then she look away all of this happens mostly when they walk passed me. Some of this put together is kinda confusing, am I not attractive, maybe impression of the hard hat or something, what does this all mean?


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  • it can be many reasons, every girl is different

    -she can be shy

    -she finds it awkward

    -may be she was just looking at the project you were doing and didn't wanna seem like she's looking at you wierd

    -she's not the flirty type and isn't interested like that...

    -something else caught her eye

    -she doesn't know you and doesn't wanna look at you in the eye...

    -doesn't wanna seem creepy even if she is attracted to you

    -shes not walking around your work area with the intentions of meeting a hot hunk like you...she's just passing by...no big deal...

    its not about whether you're attractive or not, you can't know that just by seeing women look at you or not, especially since they're strangers...you have to really get out there and meet women yourself, go out with your buddies have a good time, do some networking and then meet women and talk be friendly and date...you can't expect women who are strangers on the street to show interest in you, because they just don't know you and don't know how to act properly without being awkward, so they just look down.


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  • Are you buff and shirtless? link If so, they think you're hot. If not, they are just wondering what the random guy in the hardhat is doing.

    • Im more ripped then both of these guy's lol, well I was cleaning lights when most of em passed so I don't know if they wondered that much :)

  • Most girls look down or away because they've just been caught staring and they're embarrassed. Usually, if you find the same girl looking at you often, then looking away, there's a good chance she likes you.


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  • You're a hot hunk of man in a hard hat. If they don't like you they just ignore you.