Girls looking at me (?) from the corners of their eyes and then quickly averting their eyes. Why?

I've been noticing this for a few weeks now (these are always girls I don't know and have never talked to. The environment could be anywhere, eg cafe, my college etc)

When I'm sitting down and a girl is walking past me, I often look up and notice her looking towards my direction (first time I noticed it was when I thought the girl was looking intently at a space next to me, and I was thinking "Well, why the feck is she looking at an empty space?" :)

The heads of the girls aren't even turned towards my direction; they are looking at me from the 'corner of their eyes' so to speak. When I notice that someone is walking past me, and I look up, I'll almost always notice their eyes (iris and pupils) being looking at me and then incredibly fast looking away, when I'm looking at them.

I do realize that people scan their environment, but what baffles me is to fixate the eyes on me and then quickly looking away while walking.

Is what they are doing flirting? Is it conscious or unconscious? From what I've read here girls can't hold eye contact much and often look away, but yet what I read in body language books tell me that eye contact is everything and if they don't hold it then they aren't interested.

So - these all these girls that walk past me, and have their eyes fixated upon me until I look up and "catch" them looking at me and they direct their eyes somewhere else; is that flirting? Is that my que to approach the girl either directly or indirectly?


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  • "From what I have read HERE,girls can't hold eye contact much and often look away..."

    That's your first mistake...don't take this website or its contents THAT seriously.Girls in the real world WILL hold eye contact,and I'm saying this because I do it myself.

    Sometimes,when I am scanning,I'm not holding eye contact for one of two reasons.Either I don't think the person is attractive,or my mind is elsewhere and I am not in the flirting mood.

    People in general sometimes are comfortable holding eye contact,other times not.But I can't tell you why these girls are looking else where when you look at could be for any reason imaginable.But I will say,if you find a lady attractive,approach her providing she is giving you the signs that she is open to you.Look up flirting signals/body language.Anytime anyone approaches someone,you are taking a risk.So take that risk and don't over think it.

    Good luck.

    • "WILL hold eye contact" Nope, not these girls when they are close to me and walking by me.

      But no one is really answering my questions - in the thread title and and the bottom of my initial text

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  • I feel your pain, I totally get the same thing from girls too. It can be anywhere, at a club, park, ball game, etc.

    You'd think they would've never seen a guy with a third arm growing out of the side of his head before.

  • My advise, who cares? Go for the girl you think is cute/pretty/hot and ask her out. She may say yes, she may say no. but that's better than being left guessing, "Is she checking me out?"

  • Me to but I thought they are looking because I look good

  • I tell you what. Most girls only hold eye contact with guys they think they have a chance with or are on the same level of attractivness. What you expirience are girls who are unsure if you like them back so they don't what to risk that you turn them down. Girls ego is really fragile. Girls do this to me all the time only the really pretty ones hold eye contact with me and give me signs of intresst. Other girls (can be pretty ones too) check you out on the sneaky way they look at you from the corner of their eyes or look when you aren't looking. I think you should start a simple conversation with them. Rember if you are very good looking girls will be scared that you turn them down and be in a bad mood for days maybe even weeks if you do so and sometime be hostile towards you if they sense that you dont like them. So some of them don't even borther to show intresst. But when you notice that very good looking girls check you out really obviously and normal ones not so obviosly you are probably really good looking. Just talk to a girl you are attracted to and when she's not to insecure it will work out. Good luck

  • I heard from a girl that when a girl checks out a guy, it is a lot more subtle than when a guy checks out a girl. That is why so many guys don't know they are getting checked out. I think that is what is happening with you.