Do men like to spoil women only if they are thin? even if they are not in love?

all of my really thin friends are spoiled rotten by men. even if they are not with them. my other friends who are either hippy, curvy, chubby, or fat don't get spoiled really...just treated normal. so guys, if you met a girl and she was super thin, would you rather spoil her (if you don't love her) than if you met a girl who is curvy (not fat...CURVY), chubby, oooor fat? (even if you LOVED them?) because I also noticed some of my male friends have spoiled women who are the trophy type, and are thin (but not their gf) then they get in a relationship with someone a little-a lot bigger and do not do the same?

PS: I am NOT jealous...i am in a relationship and all our money goes to our daughter. rather have her super happy and a little spoiled than me taking all the money. ^____^



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  • Maybe all these super thin friends are hungry 24/7. SO much so that they're very enthusiastic when giving head. This would explain why they're always getting rewarded with jewelry and furs.


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  • Our culture gives men value largely by their "trophy girlfriends". A lot of guys, in the pursuit of that, throw dollars away trying to impress girls by buying them things in the hopes of being able to keep them as a trophy.

  • Being skinny is more attractive. That's why they get what they want from their men. If your fat, men lose respect for you

    Get to a gym.

    Your not "curvy", your fat

    Your not "thick", your fat

    Your not a "bbw", your fat

    Your not "chubby", your fat

    Get it? Stop with the deceptive language and just call it what it is. Sheesh

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    • Ps: do you think a 00 would be a nice size? I'm trying to get really thin. almost to 90 pounds.

    • Thank to people that think like you...there are problems like anorexia,bulimia.And check statistics of suicide because of that too!


      How am I tired of people that don't give a damn about anyone

  • Wow, I haven't noticed this behavior that you mention. I will look out for it.


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  • it seems like rich men tend to prefer the trophy gf/wife type of girl who society defines as thin. but then again you have women like salma hayek and tyra banks who have dated rich men and been spoiled by them. even if you're not skinny (which is not all girls natural body type) you can be in the gym and be toned and sexy which will most likely attract rich men's attention either way. just don't be sloppy and pudgy rich men can get any woman they want so they want eye candy, not some average pudgy girl

  • seems like most of the women who are spoiled rotten ARE skinny little trophies.

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