How to convince my girlfriend to start bodybuilding?

I love musculation and train 5 time a week.

I want to convince my girlfriend to train with me.

She is skinny and need more muscle mass, heavy weight lifting will be the best solution. I like girls with a lot of muscle.

How to approach the subject with her?


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  • If she is already physically "fit", then you might be treading on thin ice trying to get her to modify her body in that regard. You might make a few suggestions to her to modify her workout routine to more closely match yours (because some fitness-minded women are receptive to that style of workout and enjoy that kind of thing, albeit a minority of them), but if she doesn't go for it, you better drop the subject because it could come off appearing that you are not-accepting of "her". Maybe that's an accurate assessment of your motivations and maybe it's not -- that point is irrelevant. How she perceives it it what matters. I'm guessing you're already sensitive to that point, and that's why you're asking this question in the first place.


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  • You could just ask her if she would like to work out with you but really that is not a good idea unless she has expressed a desire to gain some muscle. Really you are being selfish trying to change her to be what you want. How would you feel if she came to you and said I really think you are getting to big I want you to cut back on working out and gaining muscle. I am sure that would not go over well at all. If you really like this girl then take her as she is.

    • I love her as she is. No matter how skinny, fat or muscular she is, I will love her and support her. But having some muscle will be a little plus, that's what I'm saying, I am not selfish.

    • It is selfish you want her to change her body to make you happy.

  • Tread lightly...

  • just ask her to start training with you


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