She keeps looking back at me?

A girl in one of my classes that sits in front of me keeps glancing back at me, but when she makes eye contact with me, she quickly turns away. advice?


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  • Aww, I have a crush on one of my guy friends and I do this quiet a lot X)

    I just can't keep my eyes off him, but when we make eye contact across the room my shyness gets to me...

    So, either this chick is so terrified/hatefull of you she wants to make sure you aren't gonna attack her (as if! lol) or most likely she's attracted to you and can't get enough of looking at you :)

    As stef21 said, she must be shy. Or she really hates getting to class late :P

    Maybe try to get out of class as fast as she does? And call out to her, then strike up a conversation... about whatever, like maybe just as simple as "We're always in class together, but I don't even know your name...?" (or do you?) or even just use a korny pickup line :P

    Whatever you decide to do, good luck! And comment if you make any progress! :)


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  • Yeah she probably does like you, girls don't really turn around to look at a guy unless they think he's attractive. If you like her, or you think she's cute say hi to her when she turns around to look at you or go talk to her.

    • Its kinda hard, the proff is a real stickler about people talking during class. he is cool and all, he just wants to do his job right and well. As to talking to her after class, she almost sprints out to get to her next class. haha

    • Whoa, I'm guessing she might be shy then. ha ha well, when you feel it's a good time to approach her, then you should. She's probably to shy to befriend you

  • smile at her when she looks at you.


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