Girls, Why does she keep looking at me a lot?

There’s a girl in my gym who I think it really cute, she is the shy type. She was struggling to put weight on the bar so I stepped up and helped her put it on then went about my business.

When ever I am in the gym , and she is in. Sometimes I check her out. But she always looks at me , but seems like she is really shy because when I look back she acts nervous and try’s to hide her face with her hair.

A week later , I saw her. Whenever is check her out she would look shy but still smile to me. Then another time I saw her and nodded and said hello when I walked passed.

but now she keeps staring at me all the time, when I was training I could see her staring at me back and forth. But then when I look back she seems shy and try to hide her fair with her hair. Then I saw her down stairs , she was look again. So I looking back and smiles and waved to her. Then she got shy.

Girls, Why does she keep looking at me a lot?
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