Does blushing all the time mean feelings are getting stronger?

I like this guy and think that he likes me also. We are always looking at each other, and from time to time would blush depending on the situation. Lately, he has been blushing EVERY TIME he sees me now. Sometimes a light blush, and other times a dark red (where I thought he got sunburn over the weekend). I found that the darker shades of red were more associated with what I would call being bold (for a shy guy) waving and smiling real big when he spotted me, which created the obvious blushing.

So is there any significance from a guy blushing on occasion to blushing all the time now? Just curious.


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  • Yes I have a huge crush on a woman I work with. The more I get to know her and like her the more I seem to have the type of blushing incidents you describe, my heart rate picks up and I may sweat a little too. I hope she doesn't notice but I'm sure she does and in this case it's bad because there is no way we can date each other.

    • I am not much of a blusher myself, except when I see him when I least expect it, then my heart drops into my stomach. I sometimes think I go pale if anything.

      In your case, why is there no way that you can date each other? Are you or her married or already in a relationship? I have a friend who met their spouse at their job. They wouldn't have met otherwise and are now happily married and have a child. People change jobs over time anyway. But its hard to find love.

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    • Sorry to hear that. Glad that you are taking the high road and not interfering with the marriage. If it is meant to be, it will work itself out. Otherwise someone else will come along that is right just for you.

      And yes, blushing is noticable. I do not see how it can't be, unless the person actually does have sunburn, then it could be questioned. :p

    • What is really frustrating is how the human body is sometimes not controllable when you depend on it most. Like me blushing or the heart dropping into the stomach and feeling pale that you described when you're trying your hardest to just act normal. LOL It's so annoying.


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