The perfect description of sexy eyes in guys.

please I request you to kindly give the perfect description of sexy eyes in guys..I mean what is that thing that you find sexy in them,that makes them look wild,the cut in them,and what line me eyes you find 'cute' ?please also name the celebrity whose eyes have flattered you and ignited sexual intimacy in you ?that oomphed you out ? why is that so and how in what sense they look sexy.. to you ?


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  • Guys with almond shaped eyes with light brown pupil and long eye lashes,your eyes talk when you see someone your attracted too! Michael Jordan have beautiful eyes and they are sexy!

  • well I love dark eyes as well as light colored ones

    I feel in love with the eyes of Justin Timberlake because they look innocent and sexy at the same time

    Taylor Lautner also has sexy mysterious eyes

    Hope this helped :)


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