How do guys feel about secret admirers?

I'm a secret admirer to a guy at my school. I slip in things that I think he might find sweet. Like, I draw him pictures of in Scott Pilgrim style (he loves SP) and made him a CD with a song I wrote. Is this creepy or sweet? Should I keep it up? He keeps the stuff. I just hope I don't freak him out or anything.


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  • Sorry, but I don't think I'd like it. Just because I wouldn't know who it was, and if it was someone who I didn't like back, I'd feel really bad that she had a crush on me. I think it's better to introduce yourself as the secret admirer as soon as possible, and see how he treats you / acts towards you.


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  • Watch "Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain".

    It sort of revolves around that.

    It's a french movie but you can understand it even if you don't speak french.

    On that note, it's cute, but actually making things is kind of overkill. Like the song or drawings.

    Just write notes like: 'I really want to meet you ;)"

  • Its sweet, but you need to eventually identify yourself...


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