I always freeze before asking a girl out, any suggestions?

For some reason, every time when I am about to ask a girls out, I freeze and usually chicken out.

I have a game plan right before asking her and I'm getting confidence from people telling me I can do it right before seeing her, and then when I see her I forget everything I had planned and then I don't ask her out and then I get upset at myself afterward.

Sometimes afterward, I try to find her and when I do I freeze up again and I don't ask her out.

The girl that I have liked recently, I haven't froze since she talks to me every class, but I haven't been able to ask her out yet. I freeze when I just think about asking her out. Any suggestions?


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  • my suggestion would be stop the planning part.

    i know a lot of people who, like you, like to plan that sort of thing out.

    i totally get why, it's nice to have some sort of plan.

    but with stuff like asking people out, I think it's better to just go with it.

    or if you have to plan it out, don't make your plan too scenario oriented (if that makes sense)

    i also think that the other girl's answer to this is a good idea too, especially about the not thinking too much into it.


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  • You don't seem to have a problem to write. Write her a note, explaining that she makes you nervous and for that reason you write to her. or text her, that you would like to ask her out but she makes you nervous, when she writes you smth back like "I never wanted to make you nervous" it will be a lot easier to ask her out in person!

    and write the text without thinking about what to write too much, click on send straight away!

  • Imagine her in her underwear


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  • You live life once, and you don't want to be 70 dwelling on the fact that you didn't approach those girls. Advice my grandpa gave me a few days ago. If I see a girl I find attractive, and smart I'm going for it. Remember, take the jump.