If you were stuck on a deserted island with 3 beautiful sexy girls, what would you do?

It may happens if you travel by sea so what's your answer!

P.S: girls may answer too, if you were one of these girls, what would you expect from him?:D
  • I will sure make sex with all of them and live my life as a sultan with his 3 wives.
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  • I will take care of them & protect them, Go hunting & bring food so they prepare it & share happy times together & wait for help & hope that I will be able to provide for the 3 of them...
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  • Maybe I will fall in love with one of them and try to like the rest, but jealousy may turn to a nightmare to find myself killed or to see myself alone on the island cause the girls had killed each other...
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  • Well my first instinct is to charm them into a crazy foursome. But my realistic instinct says this: if you have sex, you run the chance of pregnancy. Assuming the child survives birth, then that is another mouth to feed in an already desperate situation. So really, I think I would wait for life to get dire, then I'd push one off a cliff, say she fell, then eat her arm or something.

    So there is a completely asexual and morbid answer for you ;) plus anyway, they wouldn't be too hot after like the first 12 hours or so, so it wouldn't matter anyway. I think we'd all try to survive the best we can. But they can live on their own part of the island...girls are annoying when they are in groups.


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What Girls Said 4

  • i'd tie them together and use them as a raft ;)

  • sex

  • can I be stuck on an island with 3 hot guys?

  • I realize that it is a fantasy, but in reality I would want the guy and the two other girls to help build fire, shelter and find food. I wouldn't be worrying about having sex with him or falling in love. Plus, all four would probably end up looking and feeling pretty gross after an extended period of time on a desterted island.


What Guys Said 4

  • closest to 2 I guess. id sex them all for 2 days straight without ceasing... then id hunt a little because id get hungry, for 2 days, then id find a way to build a tv. then id sex them some more.. the three essaentials for male life sex, food, tv

  • I will initiate a game of I spy.

  • i will ditch them, so that once we reunite they can enjoy all the benefits of having a male around.

    • you kno so they see more value in me

  • I will make sexy time with all of them!


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