Do guys care if a girl wears hair extensions if they look real?

I wear clip-in hair extensions and people ALWAYS think they're real until they ask me. They blend very nicely.

The reason I wear them is because my hair is ANNOYINGLY thin. It isn't flattering on me at all. My hair also comes up to my shoulders but takes forever to grow. I also LOVE long hair so I get long extensions for volume and length.

Anyway, if they look real, does it bother a guy to know that they aren't?


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  • Yes, hair extensions that look real really p*ss me off, like, a total dealbreaker. Fake looking ones though, they're HOT.

    Lol, nah, it doesn't matter either way. S'long as you got funk, 'n you got styleee. I considered extensions at a time.

    • I said I cared as a joke, but some people actually do. Woah.

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    • yeah. only because I like guys with short hair

    • Oh, that's fair enough. =]

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  • i have nothing personal against them

    actually one of my best friend have them and they look really good

    but natural hair scores you know :D

  • Yes it does bother me. Not a deal breaker but not something I like.

  • I don't really care, but I guess I'd prefer you to just have the hair the good lord gave you.

    • but what if the girl looks better with the extensions?

    • Idk. I just don't like when girls feel they need to change themselves to be attractive. As long as they're not hairy it's all good. Still if I liked a girl, it wouldn't really bother me if she had extensions.

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  • If you don't care you wear extensions and your hair looks good, who is anyone else to judge? I'm sure if they look professional, natural and are a vast improvement to your natural hair then rock them. Guys probably wouldn't notice or ask. That's kind of a rude thing to ask anyway.


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