What are your stereotypes on hair color?





What stereotypes do you put to each? And why?

Which do you prefer?


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  • Hard to say on the stereotype thing. Red heads seem to be more shy people to me. Blonds are hard to identify. But brunette girls are sexy to me. I never dated a girl with any other colored hair and don't know why. I just love brunette girls

  • no stereotypes but damn I love redheads


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  • usually when someone says "you're such a blond" it means that they are saying that girl is being stupid/dumb because there are so many blond jokes. I think this comes to the saying that some girls are so beautiful that they don't have to be anything else to get attention... so therefore they are a blond. as I have heard this a lot.

    Well and brunettes are supposedly the smart ones, since they have to try harder to get guys attention. The guys see the blond as more beautiful and the brunettes are more plain so the brunettes have to work extra hard at intelligence and other great characteristics.

    Now ofcourse this is all made up generalizations that are not always true, or mostly just not true. because some blonds can be smart and some brunettes can be not so smart.

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