How do I give myself a full body makeover?

I want to fix my hair , clothes , personality everything but I just don't know where to start I hav until Tuesday to change. I just wanna be different more confident , smarter , nicer but for me it's harder than it sounds? How can I do it all ?


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  • Just try to see the bigger picture. Notice smaller things you never cared about and judge yourself like the jelous high school girls would judge you. That's what I do. My nails are always done never a hair out of place. cloths is preppy looking ( never dirty or repeated in a week) and just be posative. you can do anythng you set yourself to do . just be very posatve and you'll accomplish it :) p.s I changed myself in a weekend ;D


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  • I was reading that you personality is determine by hormones. You said that you want be nicer, oestrogen is the hormone that gives one a friendly personality rather then a tough-mined one. Try is diet link until Tuesday as all of the foods in it increase oestrogen. I also recommend the book Please Understand Me II by David Keirsey. It has a personality test at the beginning of it and it then describes the sixteen personality types, I found it so accurate and it help me understand myself better. You can use it to find out what personality type you want to become. You can do the test here to find out what you are link


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  • why would you want to do that to yourself? That'll just change who you really are and you just end up being fake because it. Be proud of who you are and change (if only necessary) for yourself and not for people to like you better.

    I understand that people change as they age, but things like that don't happen overnight. You gradually change from experience and your surroundings. If you change yourself overnight.. not only would you destroy your image, you will lose your true identity.

    Yes, change your hair and clothes if it can make you feel confident. But pick things that represent who YOU are, not what everyone else is wearing. Don't let the society shape who you are. You are unique and beautiful just the way you are. Show your beauty and unique personality through choosing your clothes and hair that best suits you. Let these accessories accentuate the gorgeous you, not the other way around.

    The only thing you should really change in your personality is try waking up with a smile. Live life as if it's a gift and live it without any regrets. Don't change the way you talk, don't change the way you act. Just keep that beautiful smile on your face. The world is a harsh and cruel place, but if you can wake up with a smile, you can find the beauty in it and in a sense, it will make you beautiful.

    You're young, don't make the mistake of losing who you are. It's difficult to take back what is yours once it is lost.

  • Why would you want to change doll you are so pretty!

    But if you do starting out with hair, I love long hair but I have short hair... I know it doesn't look like it but I will tell you why I got extention not bad ones but ya I have them they give me about 2 in. Short hair is cute to though but nothing above the chin mainly because of the shape of your face. Don't take this the wrong way though you have high cheek bones and a smaller four head. So don't do that.

    Next is make up, never put too much on a lot a lot a lot of guys hate it. Make up is there to make you natural beauty stand out not to make it look like you have something you don't. So keep it simple dark brown ele liner with eye shadow and maskara that is all I put on and everyone things I have the prettiest eyes because of it and I love your eyes!

    Cloths are hard. The fashion that is in right now is hipster I know that. So go to store like papaya PAC sun banana republic vans and forever young shoes (not for shoes though they have white stitched pants they are the cheapest there) now this will be long because I know a lot about cloths. Now to start off shoes get lots! They make anything pop out. Alway alway have one pair of every size boots so ankle boots calf high boots nea high boots and thigh high boots. Helps to have Leather because it keeps you warm and you look great in them. Also get a pair of vans ( I have neon pink ones everyonenotices them even teachers!) and toms I don't have a pair yet but I am getting some. Next pants again forever young has cute ones get some flakes but not a lot mostly skinnys. Grey dark blue and black. In the summer short shorts not short short that half your butt hangs out but go to mid thighs. Next tops so baggy shirts and nice shirts so a talerd jacket. Go to banana republic to get an idea they are spendy so get the idea or look up pictures of hipster girls helps a lot they go to the mall and look for cloths that fits that look. But don't dress preppy. Not good. Then get some cute hates so some skater hats beennys and stuff like that.

    Ok now personality. This is what I do and I have gotten pretty far with this there is only like five people who don't like and that's because of a stupid girl I got in a fight with. Bring people in with open arm but if they stab you in they back let them know and that it will be hard to cool for a while and if the f*** with you then they are dead! But mostly always be nice to everyone! That's how you will make it


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